The Sound of Music Class 9 MCQ Questions With Answers Online Quiz

1.Bismillah Khan was called___________
(A) Khansaab
(B) Bismillahsaab
(C) Kingsaab
(D) Ustadsaab

2. _____is India’s highest civilian award?
(A) the Padmashri
(B) the Padma Bhushan
(C) the Padma Vibhushan
(D) the Bharat Ratna

3. Lincoln Center Hall is in____
(A) UK
(B) the USA
(C) Canada
(D) France

4. ________is Bismillah Khan’s composition.
(A) Dil ka khilona hai toot gaya
(B) Mere khuda mujhko na bhoolana
(C) Main Tere dar to aaya Noon
(D) Ye Dil ka taranaa hai

5. ___________ Raag was played by Bismillah Khan from the Red Fort on Independence Day.

(A) Raag Malhaar
(B) Raag Deepak
(C) Raag Kati
(D) Raag Megh

6.  Ali Bux was____

(A)Bismillah’s father
(B) Bismillah’s grandfather
(C) Bismillah’s maternal uncle
(D) Bismillah’s friend

7. Bismillah’s maternal uncle was _____

(A)Ali Bux

(B)Javed Ali

(C)Farah Ali


8. Bismillah Khan’s grandfather was_______
(A) a soldier
(B) an actor
(C) a courtier
(D) the shehnai Nawaz in the Bhojpur King’s court

9. Who was the Shehnai Nawaz?

(A)Bismillah Khan’s uncle

(B)Bismillah Khan’s grandfather

(C)Bismillah Khan’s father


10. Bismillah Khan went to sing Bhojpuri thaltat to____
(A) Bihariji Temple
(B) Jama Masjid
(C) Rumpurva Temple
(D) Durga Temple

11. Ustad Bismillah Khan has been given the credit of_______ regarding shehnai.
(A) inventing shehnai
(B) inventing pungi
(C) bring shehnai onto the classical stage
(D) none of these

12. Men gave trouble to Evelyn because_____
(A) Evelyn couldn’t read their eyes
(B) Evelyn couldn’t read their lips
(C) Evelyn couldn’t read their smile
(D) They spoke very low

13. When did Evelyn first notice that her life was so bleak?

(A) When she was told she needed to attend a deaf school.

(B) When she was told she needed hearing aids and to enroll in a deaf school.

(C) When she didn’t do well in the examination

(D) When she was rejected for a music audition.

14. Ron Forbes advice to Evelyn was
(A) To score well in the exam
(B) To play the guitar
(C) To hear the music through other organs
(D) To travel the world

15. ________is the name of the master percussionist who praised Evelyn.
(A) James Brown
(B) James Blades
(C) James Horn
(D) James Woodson

16. ___ and ______ foreign languages were learnt by Evelyn learn.

(A)Chinese, French

(B)Spanish, Chinese

(C)Italian, Chinese

(D)French, Dutch

17. _______ was the source of inspiration for Bismillah.
(A) Red Fort
(B) Royal Palaces
(C) Ganga Ghats
(D) None

18. Evelyn want to spread ________through her music.
(A) message of love , peace and happiness
(B) music is not difficult
(C) music is easy for deaf people
(D) deaf people can learn music

19. Ron Forbes advised Evelyn to________
(A) forget music
(B) listen to music
(C) feel music with her body
(D) none

20. ________were present on the event of 15th August.
(A) Nehru
(B) Gandhi
(C) eminent people

(D) All

21. Shehnai is a refined version of ______ instrument.
(A) musical instrument
(B) mouth organ
(C) Guitar
(D) Pungi

22. ___________was the event of Shehnai Playing.

(A) Republic Day

(B) Holi
(C) Independence day
(D) all

23. The event of Shehnai Playing on 15th August was a historic one because_____
(A) Bismillah became popular
(B) people appreciated his performance
(C) it was Independence day
(D) all

24. Bismillah refused to go to the U.S.A.because_________
(A) there was no future
(B) he didn’t like the place
(C) of his love for Banaras and Ganga river
(D) all

25. Shehnai was played traditionally in
(A) In temples
(B) in wedding ceremonies
(C) auspicious ceremonies
(D) all

26. Shehnai was different from the Pungi as
(A) it has a better sound
(B) it looks more beautiful
(C) it is made of wood

27. Pungi was banned in Aurangzeb’s palace because____

(A) it had a sharp sound
(B) it wasn’t good
(C) it was unpleasant
(D) all

28. Evelyn wanted to pursue_________
(A) fashion
(B) study
(C) music
(D) none

29. _________was life for Evelyn.
(A) dance
(B) nature
(C) music
(D) all

30. Music was life for_________





31. ___________spotted Evelyn’s potential
(A) her father
(B) friends
(C) mother
(D) Ron Forbes

32. Evelyn’s deafness was confirmed at the age of___





33. Evelyn was __________when she went to Royal Music academy.
(A) 17 years old
(B) 18 years old
(C) 19 years old
(D) Below 17

34. ___________ thought of improving the sound of the pungi.





35. Bismillah Khan believed _____ was Hindustan’s richest tradition.
(A) earning money
(B) music
(C) spirituality
(D) politics

36. Bismillah Khan was a part of________
(A) the World Exposition in Montreal
(B) the Cannes Art Festival
(C) the Osaka Trade Fair
(D) All of these

37. Bismillah Khan was awarded the ‘Bharat Ratna’ in_____
(A) 2000
(B) 2001
(C) 2002
(D) 2003

38. ___________is named after Bismillah’s instrument.
(A) Shehnai Ki Awaj
(B) Shehnai Ka Raja
(C) Shehnai Wala
(D) Gunj Uthi Shehnai

39. Gunj Uthi Shehnai is named after _________ instrument





40. Bismillah Khan was connected to





41. _________ was Bismillah Khan’s father.
(A) Rasool Brix Khan
(B) Paigambar Bux
(C) All Bux
(D) liazrat Rasool Kaar

42. Bismillah Khan was born in___
(A) Varanasi
(B) Prayag
(C) Dumraon
(D) none of these

43. Bismillah Khan is a _________
(A) a politician
(B) a shehnai maestro
(C) an actor
(D) a writer

44. Shehnai is played_________
(A) in temples
(B) in weddings
(C) on auspicious occasions
(D) all

45. ________ gave trouble to Evelyn.
(A) Men with big eyes
(B) Men with long legs
(C) Men with bushy beards
(D) Men with cold hands

46. Evelyn’s hearing was severely impaired due to_____
(A) gradual nerve damage
(B) bomb explosion
(C) accident
(D) falling from stairs

47. Evelyn performed at the Royal Academy of Music and
(A) Scored the second-highest
(B) Scored the highest
(C) Displayed bravery
(D) Spoke fluently

48. Evelyn gave free concerts at
(A) Hospitals
(B) Prisons
(C) Both (a) and (b)
(D) Schools

 49. The course was _______ long which Evelyn pursued at the Royal Academy of Music.
(A) 3 years
(B) 2 years
(C) 4 years
(D) 3.5 years

50. Evelyn heard music__________
(A) through drums
(B) through fingers
(C) by feeling vibrations from different body parts
(D) all

Sumit ThakurMCQsUncategorizedThe Sound of Music Class 9 MCQ Questions With Answers Online Quiz 1.Bismillah Khan was called___________(A) Khansaab(B) Bismillahsaab(C) Kingsaab(D) Ustadsaab 2. _____is India’s highest civilian award?(A) the Padmashri(B) the Padma Bhushan(C) the Padma Vibhushan(D) the Bharat Ratna 3. Lincoln Center Hall is in____(A) UK(B) the USA(C) Canada(D) France 4. ________is Bismillah Khan’s composition.(A)...Seminar Topics