The Fun They Had Class 9 MCQ Questions with Answers: Online Test(Quiz)

1.Tommy walked away with the _ book clutched in his hand.
(A) Torn
(B) Dusty
(C) Imaginary
(D) Both

2. The schools were________ according to Margie.
(A) Big
(B) Brown
(C) Funny
(D) Stupid

3. ________ father knew equivalent to a teacher.

(B) Margie
(C) Blair
(D) Evelyn

4. There are ____ subjects in the chapter.





5. Disappointment came to Margie because______
(A) They took away the mechanical teacher
(B) They didn’t take away the mechanical teacher
(C) Asked Margie to leave the house
(D) Asked Tommy to go and study

6. Margie had to get her homework done
(A) In Russian
(B) In Punch code
(C) In English
(D) None

7. The big screen displayed_______after fixing the mechanical teacher.
(A) Margie’s face
(B) All the lessons and questions asked
(C) A real book
(D) None of the above

8. A whole box of_____ was with the County Inspector.

(A) Tools and chocolates
(B) Tools with dials and wires
(C) Pins
(D) Both (A) and (C)

9. Margie hated school now
(A) Because of her mother

(B) Because of her deteriorating Geography grades

(C) Because she never gets off

(D) Because she dislikes sitting near the mechanical instructor

10. Margie was enraged at

(A) her geography grades

 (B) the fact that the real book went into great depth about school

 (C) Tommy’s grades.

(D) A note on festivals

11. Tommy thought that the real book was
(A) Boring
(B) A waste
(C) Wrong
(D) Fiction

12. In the old schooling system, students went home together

 (A) between classes and

(B) during afternoon recesses.

(C) During celebrations

(D)When all is said and done.

13. Margie was thinking of

(A) desserts

(B) a vacation in Turkey

(C) old schools

(D) Tommy as she inserted her homework into the appropriate slot.

14. In the genuine book, what did the teacher do?

(A) Teach via computer

(B) Delivers lessons via the internet

(C) Taught and answered questions in person

(D) Mailed the lesson to them

15. What drew Margie’s attention to the old schools?

(A) for the fun

(B) for the human teachers

(C) for the numerous friends

(D) for everything

16. What were the differences between old and new schools?

(A) Old schools had a lot of friends, whereas modern schools don’t have any;

(B) old schools had human teachers, whereas modern schools have robots.

(C) playgrounds were present in older schools, whereas current schools solely had computers.

(D) All of the above

17. Tommy’s teacher was repaired in
(A) 15 days
(B) 25 days
(C) 20 days
(D) one month

18. What was done by County Inspector to assist Margie?
(A) The teacher was set to Margie’s level
(B) he changed the module
(C) changed the teacher
(D) changed the syllabus

19. Margie’s mother called the County Inspector for a reason.

(A) to fix a leak

(B) to speak with Margie

(C) to speak with Tommy

(D) to investigate the problem with Margie’s Geography teacher

20. _______ was the regular teacher by whom lessons were taught.
(A) human teacher
(B) computer teacher
(C) who teaches
(D) mechanical robot teacher who teaches Margie and Tommy

21. Tommy and Margie read different books______
(A) in the library
(B) in the school
(C) on a computer screen
(D) none

22. Margie’s school was

(A) in a village
(B) in a city outskirt
(C) in her own house
(D) in a room of her house where a computer was set up

23. _______was teaching the students

(A) a teacher
(B) parents
(C) computer
(D) a mechanical robot teacher

24. Tommy found the book

in a public library
(B) in a library
(C) in his house
(D) on the roadside

23. Tommy is_____ years old





24. Write of the lesson is

(A)Charles Dickens
(B) Isaac Asimov
(C) Milton
(D) None

25. Margie is _______ years old.





26. Debate is a _______
(A) a competition to show potential in argument between two parties
(B) contest to fight
(C) contest to prove better
(D) none

27. What is Virtual Reality?
(A) heavenly world
(B) imaginary world
(C) reality created by computer
(D) none

28. The story revolves around

(A)A real world

(B)A lazy world

(C)A world where computers play a role


29. Who is the protagonist?





30. Margie and Tommy were





31. Margie found _______ strange about the books.





32. What is a telebook?

(A)E book

(B)Electronic Book

(C)Book stored in a PC


33. Margie’s school was

(A)In her room



(D)None of the above

34. Tommy and Margie’s ______ went to school.





35. Margie was failing in ______ subject.

(A) English

(B) Geography

(C) Maths

(D) none

36. Margie started hating school because___

(A) machine work

(B) no new work

(C) no fun

(D) all

37. Margie found old schools interesting because

(A)Of fun

(B)Human teachers



38. Century means ________ years.





39. Margie and Tommy studied through

(A)Real book
(B) Mechanical teacher
(C) Attending schoolrooms
(D) None

40. When the mechanical teacher was fixed, ___ smiled.



(C)Mrs. Jones


41. The mechanical took _____ hours to fix the teacher.





42. The face of the County Inspector was ____

43. Margie and Tommy learned





44. Margie said that the schools were ______ in older times.





45. Tommy’s _____ knew as much as a teacher knew.





46. Margie was dissatisfied because

(A) they took away the mechanical instructor

(B) they didn’t take away the mechanical teacher

(C) they asked Margie to leave the house

(D) they asked Tommy to go study

47. Margie wrote her homework in

(A) In Russian
(B) In Punch code
(C) In English
(D) None of the above

48. There was a whole box of____ with the  County Inspector

(A)Tools and chocolates
(B) Tools with dials and wires
(C) Pins
(D) Both (A) and (C)

Sumit ThakurMCQsThe Fun They Had Class 9 MCQ Questions with Answers: Online Test(Quiz) 1.Tommy walked away with the _ book clutched in his hand.(A) Torn(B) Dusty(C) Imaginary(D) Both 2. The schools were________ according to Margie.(A) Big(B) Brown(C) Funny(D) Stupid 3. ________ father knew equivalent to a teacher. (A)Tommy(B) Margie(C) Blair(D) Evelyn 4. There are ____...Seminar Topics