The Enemy MCQ Questions With Answers Online Quiz: The enemy shares a story of a Japanese surgeon and scientist who is very loyal to his country. The background of the story is during the American- Japanese war. One day the doctor came across an injured man on the coast near his house. The man looked American and thus was his enemy. But being a doctor, humanity was his only religion and thus, he chose to cure the injured American man and give him shelter in his house irrespective of the country he belonged to. Later he also helped him escape to an island.

The Enemy MCQ Questions With Answers Online Test Quiz

1. When had Sadao been helped by an American landlady?

A) She looked after his wounds from a war

B) She nursed him through influenza

C) She fed him for a month

D) None of the above

2. Where was Dr. Sadao Hoki’s house built?

A) Near a Japanese coast

B) On Japanese Hills

C) In the USA

D) On a Japanese valley

3. What did Sadao study in America?

A) History

B) English Literature

C) Surgery and Medicines

D) Botany

4. At what age did Sadao go to America?

A) 20

B) 21

C) 22

D) 23

5. Sadao came back from America at what age?

A) 28

B) 30

C) 35

D) 33

6. What was Sadao’s profession when he came back from America?

A) He came back from America by becoming not only a famous surgeon but also a scientist.

B) He came back from America by becoming a normal doctor

C) He came back from America by becoming an astronomer

D) None of these

7. When did Sadao get his reward?

A) When the government awarded him

B) When the prisoner could escape

C) When his servants returned to him

D) When his wife appreciated him

8. How did Sadao dress the prisoner to camouflage him?

A) In English clothes

B) In Chinese Clothes

C) In Indian Clothes

D) In Japanese Cloths

9. How did Sadao ask the prisoner to flash the light when food run out?

A) Once

B) Twice

C) Thrice

D) Not at all

10. Where did Sadao meet Hana?

A) In America

B) In Japan

C) In his village

D) In the market

11. How many children did Sadao and Hana have?

A) Four

B) Ten

C) Two

D) One

12. How did the prisoner come to Sadao’s house?

A) Crawling on hands and knees

B) With a gun

C) With his terrorist gang

D) With a broken hand

13. What did Sadao decide when the assassins did not come?

A) He decided to kill the prisoner by himself

B) He decided to take him to the police

C) He decided to help him escape

D) He decided to wait for the assassins

14. The general trusted only Sadao to operate upon him. Why?

A) Because Sadao was very kind

B) Because Sadao was his good friend

C) Because General did not know any other doctor to treat him

D) Because Sadao was very skilled

15. ‘‘A fisherman perhaps,’’  ‘‘washed from his boat.’’ Who said these lines and to whom?

A) Sadao to the servants

B) General to Sadao

C) Sadao to Hana

D) Hana to Sadao

16. In what condition did Sadao and Hana find the prisoner?

A) The sand on one side of him had already a stain of red soaking through.

B) Perfectly fit

C) With a bullet in his left hand

D) With a bullet in his stomach

17. Where was the gun wound on the prisoner?

A) Stomach

B) Leg

C) Right side of his lower back

D) Lower abdomen

18. Who said, “Why are we different from other Japanese?”

A) The servants

B) Prisoner

C) Hana

D) Sadao

19. The day Sadao opened the prisoner’s stitches, he

A) Helped him escape

B) Called the police

C) Informed the government

D) Tried to kill the prisoner

20. What was the servants’ reaction to Sadao’s decision to keep the prisoner in his house?

A) They were very supportive

B) They informed the police

C) They wanted Sadao to kill him

D) They were very critical of him

21. Who fed the recovering prisoner?

A) The servants

B) Hana

C) Sadao

D) A police constable

22. From where did Sadao remove the bullet?

A) From the area close to the heart

B) From the area close to the lungs

C) From the area close to the kidney

D) From the abdomen

23. What was Liana’s reaction when Sadao operated on the wounds of the soldier?

A) She was angry

B) She felt unwell and started vomiting

C) She was feeling guilty

D) None of these

24. Who was Yumi?

A) A servant

B) Sadao’s Wife

C) Prisoner’s wife

D) Police Officer

25. “He will die unless he is operated on”. Who said this?

A) Yumi

B) Hana

C) Sadao

D) The Prisoner

26. What did Hana say when Yumi refused to help Hana?

A) Yumi can leave her job

B) Yumi can inform the police

C) She and Sadao will hand over the prisoner to the police after becomes conscious

D) None of these

27. What was the reaction of all the servants when they saw the prisoner?

A) They were frightened

B) They were angry

C) They were feeling bad for him

D) They were crying

28. When Sadao was working on the wounds of the prisoner, what did he do first?

A) He fed him

B) He woke him up

C) He dressed him

D) He cleaned his wounds

29. Who was the stranger Sadao and Hana came across on the remote coast near their house?

A) He was an invader

B) A Murderer

C) Prisoner of war

D) A fisherman

30. What was stopping Sadao and Hana from keeping the prisoner in their house?

A) All of them will be endangered

B) The prisoner might kill them

C) The servants will be angry

D) They will win a reward

31. The wounded soldier belongs to ________ army.

A) Russian

B) Japanese

C) US Navy

D) British

32. The soldier had been ________ in the war.

A) Stabbed

B) Shot

C) Kicked

D) Killed

33. When Sadao first saw the prisoner, who did Sadao think he is?

A) A soldier

B) A pirate

C) A fisherman

D) A police officer

34. “You will have to give the anesthetic if he needs it”, who said this to whom?

A) Yumi to Hana

B) Hana to Yumi

C) Sadao to Hana

D) Hana to Sadao

34. When Sadao said-“You will have to give the anesthetic if he needs it”, what was Hana’s reaction?

A) She was confident as it was an easy task

B) She was afraid as she has never done it before

C) She was confused

D) She refused to do it

35. What does Sadao call his patients while operating on them?

A) My beloved

B) My dear

C) My friend

D) My lord

36. When Sadao came in the ____________day after the operation, he found the young man sitting up, his face bloodless with the effort.

A) First

B) Second

C) Third

D) Forth

37. Why was Sadao not sent abroad with the troops?

A) Because his wife did not let him go

B) Because he was under house arrest

C) Because the servants blocked his way

D) Because the general needed an operation

38. What was Sadao’s father’s chief concern since Sadao’s childhood?

A) His marriage

B) His education

C) His earning

D) His children

39. What is the name of the main character of the story ‘The Enemy’?

A) Dr. Mao Dse Dung

B) Dr. Han Chi

C) Dr. U. Shimonoseki

D) Dr. Sadao Hoki

40. Where did Dr. Sadao Hoki meet Hana?

A) On the battlefield

B) In his house

C) In college

D) At Professor Harley’s house in America

41. The storyline of ‘The Enemy’ revolves around which war?

A) War between Japan and India

B) War between Japan and the USA

C) War between Russia and Japan

D) War between Japan and Indonesia

42. What kind of a human do you think is Sadao as described in the story?

A) Experienced Doctor

B) A compassionate human being

C) A sincere citizen

D) All of these

43. “What are you going to do with me?”, who said this and to whom?

A) The soldier to Sadao

B) Sadao to the soldier

C) The soldier to Hana

D) The soldier to the servants

44. Sadao’s gardener was a specialist in what?

A) Dandelions

B) Moss

C) Marigold

D) Sunflowers

45. What was the name of the prisoner?

A) Kim

B) Bay

C) Tom

D) Ross

46. What happened on the seventh day?

A) In the morning the servants left together, their belongings tied in large square cotton kerchiefs. When Hana got up in the morning nothing was done, the house was not cleaned and the food was not prepared.

B) The soldier escaped, got caught by the Japanese police, and was hung to death.

C) The soldier tried to kill Sadao and Hana, looted their house, kidnapped their children, and ran away.

D) The soldier died

47. How did Dr. successfully emerge from all of the conflicts?

A) By succumbing before the general

B) By saving the soldier’s life

C) By upsetting the servants

D) By being a loyal citizen

48. Why did Dr. Sadao decide to help an enemy soldier?

A) Because he was an ethical doctor and to doctors, all humAnswer are the same if they appear injured in front of them.

B) Because he knew the soldier personally and he was his close friend

C) Because the government of Japan asked him to do so.

D) None of these

49. Why did the servants leave?

A) Because he was  dirty and wounded

B) Because Sadao was operating on him

C) Because he was an American and thus, he was the enemy of the Japanese

D) All of these

50. What was the purpose of the flashlight?

A) To help the soldier in time of distress

B) To ask for food

C) Both A and B

D) None of these

51. What was the nature of the general?

A) Kind-hearted

B) Selfish

C) Wise

D) Foolish

52. How did Sadao get rid of the prisoner?

A) By giving him instructions to escape

B) By helping him to row to an island

C) By giving him the necessary equipment

D) All of these

53. Why did the government messenger in uniform come to Sadao?

A) To ask him to go to the palace

B) To inform that the general is in pain

C) Both A and B

D) To warn him

54. Why did Sadao fall in love with Hana only after confirming that she is Japanese?

A) Because his father would have not agreed to their marriage otherwise and he didn’t want to upset his father

B) Because he liked Japanese girls

C) Because he hated AmericAnswer

D) None of these

55. Why did Sadao feel alone at the beach?

A) Because his wife didn’t come with him

B) Because his country abandoned him

C) Because his servants left

D) For saving an American soldier’s life

56. The chapter starts with__________

A) Sadao’s childhood and his father

B) Sadao’s love life

C) A war scene

D) The prisoner of the war

57. What did Dr. Sadao give to the soldier while helping him to escape?

A) A flashlight

B) Food

C) His boat

D) All of these

58. Who was the author of the story, ‘The Enemy’?

A) Rudyard Kipling

B) Ruskin Bond

C) Pearl. S. Buck

D) Charles Dickens

59. Who was Sadao?

A) A Japanese Doctor

B) A Chinese Doctor

C) An American Doctor

D) An English Doctor

60. Why didn’t the General issue an arrest warrant for Dr. Sadao for giving a white man space?

A) Because he was his close friend

B) Because he was not well and he needed his services

C) Because he knew the soldier personally

D) All of these

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