60+ Footprints without Feet MCQ: Online Test Quiz: Footprints without Feet’ is an extract from the novel ‘The Invisible Man’ written by H. G. Wells. The story revolves around an antagonist who uses his power to steal money and cause harm to innocent people. Mr. Griffin is a genius scientist who discovered drugs to go invisible but after experimenting on them himself he burnt his landowner and fled from London. While reaching a local inn in Iping, he surprised the natives of the village and even stole money from the clergyman. Later he also tried to cause harm to the villagers and the owners of the inn. The constable also tried to catch him, but how is it possible to capture an invisible man?

Footprints without Feet MCQ: Online Test Quiz

1. The theatrical company was situated in ___________.

A) Dury Lane

B) Drury Lane

C) Drugy Lane

D) Dury Lane

2. Footprints without feet is a story of a

A) Cobbler

B) Doctor

C) Scientist

D) Police

3. What was the name of the scientist?

A) Griffin

B) Scott

C) Michael

D) Ross

4. He made a formula that can make people

A) Happy

B) Sad

C) Sick

D) Invisible

5. The story is about

A) A kind and wise scientist

B) An invisible man

C) A doctor

D) A housekeeper

6. The invisible man _______be seen and _________be felt.

A) can, cannot

B) cannot, can

C) can,  can

D) cannot, cannot

7. How was he visible to two young men on the stairs?

A) He accidentally put paint on his body

B) He accidentally became visible

C) He accidentally stepped on mud

D) None of these

8. After accidentally stepping on mud, where was he visible to two young men?

A) At the balcony

B) Near the house

C) Near the bathroom

D) In the staircase

9. Two boys followed the footprints until_______

A) They reached their destination

B) They faded

C) Both A and B

D) None of these

10. The invisible man had to remove all his winter clothes in the frigging cold. Why?

A) Or else people were following him

B) He did not feel cold

C) The clothes were rented and so he had to return them

D) Someone stole his clothes

11. What did he eat to feel warm?

A) Hot coffee and red meat

B) Cold meat and espresso

C) Cold coffee and cold meat

D) Cold coffee and red meat

12. Where did he sleep all night?

A) at his home

B) In a hotel

C) In someone else’s house

D) On a stack of quilts in a store

13. What did the invisible man steal from the theatre company?

A) A hat

B) bandages

C) A sunglass

D) All of the  above

14. Why did he decide to leave London?

A) Because it overcrowded

B) Because it was expensive

C) Because everybody knew him in London

D) All of the above

15. Where did the invisible man steal money from?

A) His father

B) His professor

C) The theatre shop

D) A café

16. After leaving London where did the invisible man go?

A) Iping

B) Beijing

C) Manchester

D) France

17. What did the invisible man do to his landlord who tried to kick him out?

A) Stabbed him

B) Burnt him

C) Kicked and punched him

D) Kidnapped him

18. How can you describe the invisible man?

A) Lawless

B) Decent

C) Wise

D) Foolish

19. Before leaving his house, what did the invisible man do?

A) Burnt his house

B) Stole landlord’s money

C) Destroyed his lab

D) Removed all his clothes

20. After reaching  Iping, where did the invisible man stay?

A) At a lavish guest house

B) A five star hotel

C) A local Inn

D) None of these

21. How many rooms did he book in the local Inn?

A) One

B) Two

C) Three

D) Four

22. The arrival of a stranger at an inn in winter was in any case ___________ event.

A) An unusual event

B) A regular event

C) A skeptical event

D) A funny event

23. Who was Mrs. Hall?

A) The invisible man’s wife

B) The invisible man’s neighbor

C) The landlord’s wife

D) The invisible man’s mother

24. What excuse did the invisible man give for wrapping bandages all over his face?

A) Fashion

B) That he met with an accident

C) That he needs to be undercover

D) None of these

25. Initially Mrs. Hall was_________ to Mr. Griffins.

A) Cruel

B) Rude

C) Friendly

D) Arrogant

26. Why did Mrs. Hall not doubt the invisible man?

A) Because he already paid the advance

B) Because he was handsome

C) Because he was bribing her

D) All of the above

27. The reason given by the invisible man to come to Iping was

A) Meditation

B) Interview

C) Project

D) Solitude

28. When Griffin was running out of cash, what excuse did he make?

A) he pretended that he was very rich

B) he pretended that his money got stolen

C) He pretended that he is expecting a cheque to come any moment

D) None of these

29. After the invisible man ran out of money, went to the house of ________to steal money.

A) The doctor

B) The rich merchant

C) The clergyman

D) The police officer

30. What did the landlord and his wife do when they saw Mr. Griffin’s room door to be wide open?

A) They shut it down immediately

B) They went inside to investigate

C) They called the police

D) They looked for the man

31. What was the condition of Mr. Griffin’s room?

A) The bedsheet was cold

B) The clothes and bandage were lying over the room

C) both A and B

D) None of these

32. What was the first strange thing Mrs. Hall saw when she along with her husband went inside the room of Mr. Griffins?

A) The clothes started floating in the air

B) The hat on the bedpost leaped up and dashed itself into her face.

C) The door was opening and shutting on its own

D) All of these

33. What did Mrs. Hall think when she saw the abnormal behavior of the furniture in the room of Mr. Griffin?

A) That Mr. Griffin has damaged them

B) her mother’s spirit was trapped inside the furniture

C) Mr. Griffin has caused the spirits to enter into her furniture.

D) None of these

34. What did the stranger do when Mrs. Hall asked him how he could enter a locked room?

A) He became furious and started to undress

B) He told her that he is invisible

C) He slapped her

D) He ran away

35. How much time did it take for the stranger to undress himself and show his real self to everyone?

A) One minute

B) One Hour

C) Ten minutes

D) Half an hour

36. The scientist was

A) Calm

B) Quick-tempered

C) Short spoken

D) Respectful

37. “Suddenly he threw off bandages, whiskers, spectacles, and even nose. It took him only a minute to do this. The horrified people in the bar found themselves staring at a headless man.” These lines are about whom?

A) Mrs. Hall

B) Mr. Hall

C) The police constable

D) The invisible man

38. What was the name of the police constable?

A) Mr. Jaffers

B) Mr. Griffins

C) Mr. John

D) Mr. Hall

39. Why was it difficult to arrest the stranger?

A) Because he was hard to catch

B) Because he was becoming more invisible as he was removing his garments

C) Because he was very strong

D) Because the police were not good enough

40. What is the meaning of the word ‘hysterics’?

A) A slow reaction

B) A fast reaction

C) An exaggerated reaction

D) No reaction

41. Who called the stealing incident an extraordinary affair?

A) Mr. Hall

B) Mrs. Hall

C) The police constable

D) The  clergyman

42. After reading the first encounter of  Mrs. Hall with the stranger, what do you understand about her nature?

A) She was money-minded

B) She was very selfish and she was finding ways to kick the stranger out of her house

C) She was cunning and had bad intentions

D) She was soft-hearted and kind

43. When the invisible man arrived at the local inn, Mrs. Hall found him eccentric. Why?

A) He was looking very weird with all his face covered by a bandage and no skin visible.

B) He visited during the winter which was an off-season for them. No visitors generally come to Iping during the winters.

C) When asked, he said he has only come there to work.

D) All of these

44. How did he justify his disinterest in talking with the landlady?

A) he said he is desiring solitude

B) He said he does not want anyone to disturb him while working

C) Both A and B

D) None of these

45. What are the things that help us understand that Mr. Griffin was a homeless wanderer?

A) No clothes

B) No place to sleep

C) Invisible

D) All of these

46. What was the scientist working on?

A) How to kill rats

B) How to make someone invisible

C) How to make skin fairer

D) How to make footprints invisible

47. What do you mean by ‘bewildered’ in the context of the story?

A) Perplexed

B) Confirm something

C) Confusion

D) Being frightened of someone

48. The boys were surprised to see footprints of ____________

A) A pair of bare feet

B) A pair of boots

C) A pair of sandals

D) None of these

50. Why were the boys surprised to see imprints of a pair of bare feet?

A) Because anyone could fall  if they walk barefoot

B) Because it was winter and it was freezing cold

C) Because it was summer and the floor was very hot

D) None of these

51. How did the scientist first become invisible?

A) By jumping on an invisible river and since he did not know how to swim he could not get out of it immediately and thus become invisible

B) He was planning to suicide and so he drank a bottle of poison. But fortunately, he did not die but became invisible.

C) He performed experiments after experiments and at last he swallowed certain rare drugs and became invisible

D) None of these

52. How did the invisible man become visible?

A) He stole a few garments and bandages from a store and wore them to become visible.

B) He drank another drug that could make him visible

C) He asked his professor and used medicines to come back to his normal state

D) He drank 10 liters of water every day

53. When did the invisible man get caught for the first time?

A) In a cafeteria

B) In his landlord’s house

C) In Iping

D) At a large  store  in London

54. Drury lane was

A) The center of London city

B) The center of the theatre world

C) The center of all floral needs

D) None of these

55. What is the meaning of Wagging in the context of the story?

A) A to and fro movement

B) A furious movement

C) Slow movement

D) Anxiety symptoms

56. Who is the writer of the story?

A) Rudyard Kipling

B) H. G. Wells

C) John Hoping

D) William Russell

57. The story ‘Footprints without Feet’ is an extract of which novel?

A) The man who could not be seen

B) The Furious scientist

C) The invisible man

D) The Cruel Scientist

58. What did the invisible man steal from the clergyman’s house?

A) Jewelleries

B) Furniture

C) Money

D) Coins

59. What is the meaning of ‘sniff’ in the context of the story?

A) Sneezing

B) Sound generated by an animal preferably dogs

C) Draw up air audible through the nose

D) None of these

60. What did the extraordinary chair do?

A) Pulled Mr. and Mrs. Hall towards the room

B) Pushed Mr. and Mrs. Hall out of the room

C) Was pushing the police constable

D) All of these

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