Wireless Local Loop Seminar and PPT with pdf report: In the telephone networks, the circuit between the subscribers’ tool i.e. the telephone set and the local exchange is known as the local loop. To furnish the voice and voice band services to the local loop, the copper wire plays the role of a medium. From the year of 1980, the demand for communication services has enlarged suddenly and the requirement for the telephone services in the developing countries increased. Now coming to the topic of a wireless local loop, it furnishes two ways of a telephone system and it includes the cordless system which is called as fixed radio wireless.

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Wireless Local Loop Seminar PPT with PDF Report

The wireless local loop (WLL) is a kind of term in a telephone network for an access system that avails a wireless link to connect the users to the local loop. The avail of wireless connection reduces the period of construction and also decreases the installation costs and operating costs.

History of Wireless Local Loop:

In the 1950’s and 1960’s due to the decrease in the charges of radio applied science the wireless access was started. For the isolated parts of the country, the best way to furnish the communication was by furnishing a radio. At the end of 1970’s the radio links were connected to each and every house, in the East Germany many cellular networks based on the standard of Nordic mobile telephone were deployed and this is how the concept of wireless local loop network was evolved.

Working on the Wireless Local Loop:

The wireless local loop is an applied science that connects the subscribers to the PSTN by using the radio signals instead of copper wires. This wireless system works in a way similar to the CDMA phones. Wireless local loop concentrates on the resources and has the features like flexible planning and deployment of the system. It has the lower maintenance cost and quick network deployment.

Communication for Wireless Local Loop:

  • The wireless local loop furnishes point to point communication and also the communication on a microwave platform.
  • It also furnishes fixed wireless communication and that does not need the feeds from the satellite or the local phone services.

Technical Requirements:

The required or necessary technical requirements are as follows:

  • Quality of communication
  • Small period of communication
  • Large traffic volume
  • Absence of interference with other wireless systems like the microwave systems and broadcasting systems

Implementation of a Wireless Local Loop:

The implementation of a wireless local loop can be done in the following manners:

  • By analog cellular
  • By digital cellular
  • By personal communication service i.e. PSN
  • By the cordless telephone

Advantages of Wireless Local Loop:

The advantages of a wireless local loop are as follows:

  • The wireless local loop systems can be deployed very fast like in few weeks or in few months and it is not like underground and aboveground copper wire systems that take from few months to years for the deployment. Even with large costs per subscriber that may be related to the wireless local loop terminal and base station components, the speeder rate of deployment can allow a larger return on investment.
  • The wireless local loop technology involves low deployment costs when compared to the laying of copper wires because the wireless local loop does not need any construction. Well, the wireline networks also take a time to deploy because they need the government permission for digging the trenches on the public street.
  • The wireless equipment is not prone to the failures, theft or physical damage to the copper wires. So, the wireless local loop requires low maintenance cost, managing cost, and operating cost.
  • The wireless local loop requires low network extension cost.
  • It has the availability of high bandwidth which furnishes video, high-speed internet, and the telephony services.

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Disadvantages of  Wireless Local Loop:

The disadvantages of a wireless local loop are as follows:

  • The wireless local loop technology is under development and is not affordable because it needs more money for research and development.
  • The digital side of the technology is not tried and the wireless local loop applied science has not undergone the test of long term reliability.
  • The technology cannot cover all parts of the region and this makes the people not to use the technology or disconnected to the technology.
  • The information in the wireless local loop systems are sent over an open space and from these, we can say that it does not have the high-security features.
  • The investment in the market and the accessibility of the technology is little slow in the US.

The wireless local loop technology will play a vital role in the future for local loop services and it also has the high capacity for the voice channels, along with that the fast start of services.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Wireless Local Loop

  • Introduction
  • What is a wireless local loop?
  • History of WLL
  • WLL Configuration
  • How does WLL work?
  • Communication for WLL
  • Technical Requirement
  • Implementation of WLL
  • WLL VS Wire line System
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Conclusion
  • References

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