Wireless Electricity PPT | Presentation | PDF Report: Wireless electricity or witricity is nothing but the transfer of electrical energy or power over a distance without the utilization of wires. The current electricity generation system we have a tendency to waste over half its resources. Particularly the distribution losses and transmission are the most concern of the current power technology.

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Wireless Electricity PPT and PDF Report


Wireless power transmission isn’t a brand new plan. Nickolas Tesla explained transmission of energy without wires in early nineteenth century. Tesla used electromagnetic induction systems. William C Brown explained a small wave power-driven model helicopter in 1964. This receives all the ability required for a flight from a small wave beam.

A Principle of Witricity:

Electrical resonance: Electrical resonance happens in an electrical circuit at a selected resonance frequency once the electric resistance between the input and output of the circuit is at a minimum (or once the transfer f maximum). Typically this happens once the electric resistance between the input and output of the circuit is sort of zero and once the transfer operates is near one. Resonance of a circuit involving electrical devices and inductances happens as a result of the collapsing magnetic flux of the inductor generates an electrical current in its windings that charges the capacitor, and so the discharging electrical device provides an electrical current that builds the magnetic flux within the inductance, and also the method is perennial frequently

Mechanism of Witricity:

Distinct methods of transferring electricity in a wireless manner are classified below:

Types of Transferring Electricity Wirelessly

Fig1: Types of Transferring Electricity Wirelessly

  1. Resonant magnetic coupling: Resonant magnetic coupling happens when two objects transfer their energy via oscillating magnetic fields. Natural frequency of two objects has to be the same for the resonant magnetic coupling to occur.
  2. Inductive coupling: Inductive coupling happens when a source of energy has a means of transferring energy to another object or body.
  3. Microwave Transmission: Power transmission through radio waves can be made more directional by permitting longer distance power beaming, with electromagnetic radiation that has short wavelengths in the range of microwave region.

Conditions for Witricity Charging:

  • The primary condition necessary is that charging should be ready to occur through physical objects. If the witricity can’t be gone through physical objects then the charging will solely occur during a good unobstructed setting. This can be not really as a result of these are objects all around the US which will interfere with the transmission of the energy. Analysis to date has found that witricity will be transmitted through wood, mineral sheet, plastics, textiles, glass, brick, and concrete.
  • The second condition necessary is that charging should be safe and not cause any variety of threat or safety hazard to humans or animals. Since this sort of energy transfer is non-radioactive it’s safe for humans and animals.
  • The third condition necessary is that witricity charging should be ready to give electricity to remote objects while not the employment of wires. Therefore, the energy should be transferable from the transmitter to the capturing device over an explicit distance.
  • The fourth condition necessary is that the witricity is in a position to transfer an amount of energy, as an alternative it might defeat the aim of the energy transfer.

Distance Parameter:

  • Diameter of the coil ought to increase proportionately with the frequency of operation.
  • An outsized diameter of supply coil with an outsized range of turns will increase the space of the operation.
  • Limitation: we have a tendency which can’t increase the potential unit age of the operation higher than fifty to sixty volt as a result of its dangerous for a frame and might be caused by electrical shock.

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Advantages of Wireless Electricity:

Below are the advantages of wireless electricity:

  • It doesn’t require line of sight.
  • It doesn’t require batteries and power cables.
  • It doesn’t interfere with radio waves.
  • In this, wastage of power is in a small quantity.
  • It is highly efficient when compared with electromagnetic induction.
  • It is affordable.

Limitations of Wireless Electricity:

Limitations of wireless electricity are mentioned below:

  • Size
  • Cost
  • Range and
  • Efficiency

 Content of the PPT and PDF for Wireless Electricity

  • What is Wireless Electricity?
  • History
  • Block diagram
  • Physics behind Wireless electricity
  • Witricity
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Conclusion
  • Reference

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