Wibree Systems Seminar and PPT with pdf report:Wibree is an openly applied science that undertakes the connectivity between mobile machines and personal computers; it also offers the connectivity between tiny button cell battery power machines like watches, wireless keyboards, toys and sports equipment and the health care sensors. Specification for the applied science is presently ongoing; Nokia is describing wibree interoperability detailed description together with a group of companies representing semiconductors manufacturers, machine sellers, and qualification furnishers.

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Wibree Seminar PPT with pdf report

Wibree is a short range wireless set of rules optimized for less power consumption; this technology is aimed to compliment Bluetooth exchange of data in few PAN applications small, low weight design makes the Bluetooth communication complex. For example, the Bluetooth watches heavy transmitters and batteries and this makes the machine heavy and uncomfortable. Wibree powered wrist watches can avail tiny transmitters and tiny batteries, enhancing the user comfort and decreasing the fatigue while increasing the battery life.

It has the merits like the wibree technology consumes low power, has long battery life, tiny chip size, it is very much energy efficient than the Bluetooth technology, the implementation of wibree is affordable and it can be easily embedded with the Bluetooth solutions. The wibree operates in the similar frequency band like the Bluetooth and i.e. 2.4 GHz, the devices which have the Bluetooth will need only a software update to exchange the data wibree machines. Well, this applied science is a vital advancement that brings new market opportunities and the developed, new possibilities for the users of mobiles.

Specification of Wibree:

The wibree technology supports the radio frequency of 2.4 GHz and covers a distance of 200m, it has the data rate of 1 Mbps and the throughput of the application is 0.2 Mbps. The wibree applied science takes the time of less than 3 ms to transmit the total data and has a worldwide government regulation, the certification body of it is SIG. it does not have the voice capability and supports the star-bus network topology.

Wibree Implementation:

The wibree technology has two implementation methods and those are as follows:

  • Single mode implementation
  • Dual mode implementation
  1. Single mode implementation: The single mode implementation genuinely delivers the very less power consumption as it is a low energy implementation. This method of implementation is a perfect solution for tiny machines like heart-rate monitors, these devices avail small data messages and they need long battery life.
  2. Dual mode implementation: The dual mode implementation is the combination of the classic Bluetooth technology and the wibree technology. The dual mode implementation is designed to empower the quick adoption of low energy in classic Bluetooth applications like mobile phones and personal computers by furnishing very less cost delta as well as by taking away the requirement to add another radio. The Bluetooth-wibree technology dual mode chip is created for use in Bluetooth devices.

Network Topologies:

The wibree technology supports star and star-bus network topology and there are two separate cases for the network topologies and they are as follows:

  • Single and dual-mode topology
  • Single mode only topology
  1. Single and dual-mode topology: In the single and dual-mode topology, the dual mode machine plays the role of hubs and the single mode devices play the role of nodes. The connection between a hub and the node is established by the wibree technology and the connection between various hubs is the Bluetooth technology.
  2. Single mode only topology: The single mode devices can also be networked through the dual mode machines are not present. The star topology supports the single mode topology and in this mode one of the single mode machines plays the role of the hub.

Wibree and Bluetooth Comparison:

  1. Wibree:
  • The wibree technology supports the frequency band of 2.4 GHz and consumes approximately 10mW of power.
  • It has the battery life of 1 to 2 years, has the coverage of area up to 10m and data rate of 1 Mbps and possesses 128-bit encryption security.
  1. Bluetooth:
    • The Bluetooth technology supports the frequency band of 2.4 GHz and consumes approximately 100mw of power.
    • It has the battery life of few days to the months, has the coverage of area up to 10-30 m and data rate of 1-3 Mbps and possesses 128-bit encryption security.

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The wibree has the applications in the following fields:

  • Health and fitness devices
  • Home automation
  • Office devices
  • In automotive and wrist watches

Advantages of Wibree:

The advantages of the wibree are as follows:

  • It consumes low power.
  • It is low in cost.
  • It covers the short range.
  • This applied science can be used and sold throughout the world.
  • It feature of being robust, the connections in wibree can be made quickly.

Disadvantages of Wibree:

The disadvantages of wibree are as follows:

  • It has the slow data transmission.
  • This technology cannot be used in the high bandwidth applications.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Wibree

  • Various Wireless Technologies
  • What is Wibree?
  • Specification
  • Why is Wibree needed?
  • Wibree implementations
  • Wibree and Bluetooth comparison
  • Applications
  • Advantages and Disadvantages

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