Water Pollution Seminar and PPT with pdf report: Water pollution is a global issue that needs the evaluation and careful scrutiny of all the water resources and it is suggested that the water pollution is the major reason of deaths and diseases in the world. The water pollution accounts for the death of nearly 14,000 people per day and in this issue, if we talk about India then it is estimated that every day 580 people die due to the illness related to the water pollution. This page contains Water Pollution Seminar and PPT with pdf report.

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Water Pollution Seminar Pdf Report with PPT

In china, around 90% of the cities and towns have the polluted water and according to 2007, half of the Chinese population had no possibility or means of getting the pure drinking water. This issue of water pollution persists not only in the developed countries but also in the developing countries and an example of it is the recent national report in the United States on the water quality. Our Earth is covered with75% of the water and 25% of land but we still have the water problems like scarcity of water, pollution of water and much more, the cause of all these things is made by the man itself and the human kind is not only polluting the water but also nature.

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What is Water Pollution?

Water pollution is any chemical, physical or biological transformation in the quality of water which has a harmful cause on any living organism that drinks or avail water. If the human beings drink the polluted water then their health gets damage and it is not only harmful to the human beings but also to the other living creatures that live on the earth and in the water.

Types of Water Pollution:

The different types of water pollution are as follows:

  • Nutrients pollution
  • Surface water pollution
  • Oxygen depleting
  • Ground water pollution
  • Microbiological
  • Suspended matter
  • Chemical water pollution
  • Oil spillage

Categories of Water Pollution:

Surface water pollution: well, the surface water and ground water is studied and defined as the separate sources but the surface water goes through the soil and becomes groundwater. The sources of surface water pollution are two categories and they are as follows:

  • Point source
  • Nonpoint source
  1. Point source: The point source water pollution refers to the pollutants that come into the water via a single source like a pipe, factories and much more.
  2. Nonpoint source: The nonpoint source water pollution refers to the pollutants that do not enter into water through a single source like acid deposition from the air.

Ground water pollution: The ground water and surface water interactions are a bit complex and the ground water pollution is referred as ground water contaminants, the ground water contaminants are not easily classified as the surface water contaminants.

Causes of Water Pollution:

The causes of water pollution are as follows:

  • Sewage and wastewater
  • Soaps and washing detergents
  • Invasive species
  • Atmospheric deposition
  • Highway and street runoff
  • Agricultural runoff
  • Litter
  • Oil production
  • Ship production

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Solutions of Water Pollution:

  • Understanding causes: Understanding the causes of the pollution like from which source it is caused and why it is caused helps in solving the problem i.e. pollution.
  • Legislation: There are various anti-pollution laws in many countries and they play a major role in avoiding the pollution.
  • Regulation: Some the pollutions are unavoidable because the industries like papermaking, oil refining and much more create pollution as a byproduct of their industrial process. People should not accept it as a fact but instead should reduce such pollutions by permitting them to discharge only a limited amount.
  • Effective enforcement: The effective enforcement defines that the people who create the pollution should pay the cost of damage to the society that they did by creating the pollution.
  • Public awareness: We should create public awareness among the people about the pollution and the results of such pollution.
  • The ways through which we can reduce the water pollution or any other pollution are through the education, political pressure and cooperation and by science and technology.
  • To reduce the water pollution we need to fertilize the garden or yard plants with compost instead of the fertilizers which are inorganic.
  • We should reduce the use of pesticides and should not apply or implement a fertilizer or pesticides near a water body.
  • People should grow organic food and should buy organic food.
  • We should not drink the bottled water unless the tests proved that the tap water is contaminated and we should merely refill the plastic bottles with tap water and should merely reuse the plastic bottles with tap water.
  • The food wastes should be composted and should not avail the water fresheners in the toilet.
  • We should not flush the unwanted medicines in the toilet because that also makes the water contaminant.

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Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Water Pollution

  • Introduction
  • What is water pollution
  • Categories
  • Groundwater pollution
  • Where does water pollution come from?
  • How do we measure water quality
  • Causes of water pollution
  • Solutions
  • Conclusion
  • References

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