Voice Morphing Seminar and PPT with pdf report: Voice morphing, which is also assigned to as voice transformation and voice changeover, is a technique for changing a generator speaker’s speech to sound as if it was announced by some designated target speaker. This page contains Voice Morphing Seminar and PPT with pdf report.

Voice Morphing Seminar pdf Report and ppt

Voice morphing is the software- source conversion of a person’s natural voice.

Transform-based voice morphing system  

  • Overall Framework                                    
  • Spectral Parameters                                       
  • Linear Transforms

System Enhancement

  • Phase Prediction
  • Spectral Refinement
  • Tansforming Unvoiced Sounds

Real-time voice morphing

  • The Voice Morphing System
  • Voice analysis/synthesis using SMS
  • Phonetic recognition/alignment
  • Morphing


  • In this seminar, only one type of morphing has been discussed – that in which the final morph has the same duration as the longest signal.
  • Also we discuss the case of speech morphing in this seminar.
  • But the work can be extended to include audio sounds as well.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Voice Morphing

  • Introduction
  • What is Voice Morphing?
  • Transform-based voice morphing system
  • System Enhancement
  • Realtime voice morphing
  • Conclusion
  • References  

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Voice Morphing PPT and Seminar Free Download

Voice Morphing pdf Report Free Download

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