Virtual Reality Seminar and PPT with pdf report: The virtual reality system is the modern invention to interact with the computer and it offers educational possibility in the below areas:

  • Information collection and visualization
  • Designing of the project
  • Interactive training system’s design
  • Virtual field trips
  • Experimental learning’s design

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Virtual Reality Seminar PPT with pdf report

The virtual reality also offers much potential as a tool for non-traditional learners and these non-traditional learners include the physically challenged people and people who are going through the rehabilitation. A sample of the use of virtual reality is the avail of it by the medical student’s training to become a surgeon. The abbreviation of it is known as VR and it is used by the artists as well because they utilize it as the creative tool and a medium of expression in the arts. In the simple words, the virtual reality is nothing but the computerized pretense of natural reality or imaginary reality, the users of the virtual reality get fully immersed or partially immersed in the surroundings. The total immersion or full immersion refers to the person who avails a device to shield him/her from the real world and the partial immersion refers to the user who can manipulate a virtual reality environment but not locked in the device. The virtual reality technology can immerse a person in the computer produced the world which is made by the user like a room, city, and building. With the aid of virtual reality, the users can virtually go anywhere better than the human imaginations.

History of virtual reality:

The concept of virtual reality is in practice around us from many decades and it came into the public awareness from more than the last two decades. In the middle of 1950’s a cinematographer by name Morton Healing envisioned a theater experience which would excite the senses of all the audiences. In the year of 1961, the foremost HMD was developed by the Philco Corporation engineers and that was called as the head sight. These HMD’s were linked with the infrared cameras and these infrared cameras are attached to the bottom of the helicopters, this permits the pilots to have a fine field of view at the time of flying in the dark.

Principles and components of virtual reality:

The virtual reality system works on a simple principle and that simple principle is that it tracks the physical motions in the genuine world and after this a yielding computer redraws the virtual world to reflect the tracked movements. The virtual reality reminds everyone about the film Ra One where the Ra One was a system of virtual reality i.e. as a game but gets embedded into the genuine world by availing the holography. The basic concept in it is the combination of virtual reality and the holography.

Now coming to the components of virtual reality system, there are four components and those are as follows:

  • Reality engine
  • The head mounted display
  • Audio units and
  • Gloves

Types of virtual reality:

The virtual reality is of many types and some of them are as follows:

  • Enhanced reality
  • Desktop virtual reality
  • QTVR
  • Immersive virtual reality

Applications of the virtual reality:

The applications of the virtual reality are as follows:

  • The software is presently under development condition for the mechanical engineering students which extend the CAD/CAE collection of programs to virtual reality.
  • It is used in the projects that include engineering because mostly the engineering projects are simulation-based design, multipurpose design optimization, and visualization in high level.
  • It is used in the biometric engineering and the projects of biometric avail virtual reality for viewing X-Rays and MRI’s.
  • It is also used in the projects of computer science as these projects range from making a toolkit for the designers of computer science to the modeling for resource management.

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Advantages of virtual reality:

The advantages of the virtual reality are as follows:

  • The virtual reality can be used in many areas for training the students, without giving any harm to the others.
  • It is used for the training in the fields like medicine, law enforcement and architecture and aviation.
  • It aids to record exactly that how fast a patient is learning and recovering.

Disadvantages of virtual reality:

The disadvantages of the virtual reality are as follows:

  • The virtual reality system is very costly due to the hardware of the system.
  • The programmers are struggling with the parameters of interacting with the virtual environment or surroundings.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Virtual Reality

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Principle
  • Components
  • Types
  • Architecture of VR System
  • Application
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Conclusion

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