Social Media PPT: Social Media can be defined as an array of internet-based platforms, which promotes and enhance the sharing of information. Some of the most common types of social media are websites and applications focused to microblogging, forums, social bookmarking, social creation, social networking and Wikipedia. Over the years, the social media has become an important part of the everyone’s fields. These platforms have enabled the people to interact with other online in a social manner.

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Social Media PPT

Types of Social Media
There are six major types of social, each one having its set of characteristics:
1. Social News
The users are allowed to post news links to the outside articles on the social news websites. A most prominent example of this type of social media channel is Reddit.

2. Social Networks
The users are allowed to connect and share with the people having similar interests and backgrounds on a social networking website. The most example of a social networking site is Facebook.

3. Media Sharing
The users can share different types of media such as video and photos on the media share websites. The most popular media sharing website in the world is YouTube.

4. Bookmarking Sites
The users are allowed to save and organize links to several online websites and resources on these websites. The most popular bookmarking site in the world is StumbleUpon.

5. Forums
The users can engage in the conversations for posting and responding to the messages of the community. Generally, the comments focus on a specific subject.

6. Microblogging
The users are allowed to submit short written entries, including product and service sites on a microblogging website. Twitter is the most commonly used microblogging website.

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Benefits of Social Media
Have a look at the top benefits of the social media to the general public:
1. Education
There are endless benefits of the social media for the teachers and students. With the help of social media, the students can easily educate the professionals and experts in the field.
2. Connectivity
The biggest benefit of the social media is connectivity. The users can connect with the people from any part of the world.
3. Promotion
The users can promote their business to a bigger audience. It doesn’t matter they have an offline or online business, the social media can help them in many ways.
4. Help
The users can share their issues with the online community for getting help and suggestions.

In today’s life, the social media has become an integral part of the people’s life. They have relied so much on it that they often hours on the social media.The businesses are using it to promote their brand, market brands and connect with their present customers, whereas the normal society uses it for getting news, connect with the others and getting suggestions. The power of social media has reached a higher level and it will continue growing year by year, making it a must-have thing for everyone. Everyone needs to have social media accounts to remain in touch with their friends and relatives.

Content of the PPT for Social Media

  • Introduction
  • What is Social Media?
  • Some Examples of Social Media
  • Types of Social Media
  • Why is Social Media Presence Important?
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Conclusion

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