Smart Note Taker Seminar and PPT with pdf report: The smart note taker is an amazing product and it is satisfying the users with its amazing qualities, this product can be utilized in many ways. The smart note taker furnishes the user by aiding them in taking the fast and simple to the busiest people.

Now, let us know that how it is going to help the people when they are busy with their schedule, whenever a person is busy and need to write something then he/she can write it on the air and it will be saved in the memory pen, later we can read the written data by connecting it to a digital device. Well this feature of the product makes it amazing, saves the time of the people by aiding them with the handwritten notes and this product very quickly changes the handwritten notes into the edible text, it avails the java applet applied science.

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 Smart Note Taker Seminar PPT with pdf report

The smart note taker is a better and helpful product for the blinds and also for the people who exchange the information through the phone by talking over the large distance because they may want or get the need of using the images, figures or text which helps them to understand better.

The smart note taker is a very useful product for the instructors in presentations because the instructor may want to use the board to draw the figures for the better understanding, the figures drawn by the smart note taker will be directly transmitted to the server computer in the room and the server computer broadcast the data to all the systems in the room through the network.

So, in this way, smart note taker plays an important role in making the presentations very effective and this product seems to be simple but very powerful. Along with this, the product has the ability to sense the shape and motion of the 3D objects that the user draws. The data that has the sense with further operations sent to the memory card and then it will be displayed on the screen; even it can be broadcasted and can be sent to any device.

It has the feature for monitoring the written notes and this can be done with aid of application programs like a word document or an image file. The sensed images or drawings drawn on the air will identify and with the aid of software we recognize and write the required features or characteristics in the word document. If the necessary shapes require printing then they get printed on the screen. 

A Feature of Smart Note Taker:

  • The smart note taker converts the handwritten notes into the editable text.
  • This device is very helpful for the blind people.
  • It plays a vital role where two people exchange the information over the phone by providing the feature of using images and text that aids the communication.
  • It identifies nearly twenty-two languages and also very helpful for the people to give the presentations.

Overview of the System:

  1. Construction: The java applet program suits best for the drawing of figures and strings, the java code is developed and installed in the pen as it needs to draw the figures and write the text.
  2. Applet: Java is a high-level language and applet is a function of java, in simple words it is like a file that has the collection of programs of java.
  3. Database: The database installed in the pen aids in identifying the different words that we write it in the air.
  4. Working: The smart note taker is a device that is simple but powerful, it has the feature of recognizing the words or messages written on the air and it stores it and even transmits it if required. It even has the feature of recognizing the motion of 3D objects and even paints the images on the display screen if needed.

Technical Requirements:

In order to meet the technical requirements of the smart note taker, we need the following:

  • An operating system
  • A software program that transforms the information into the text format or string format
  • A display screen
  • A parallel cable
  • An analog to digital converter
  • A switch
  • A rechargeable battery

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Opportunities in the Market:

In the market, it has a huge competition and the drawback is that it has very high cast, many companies are working on it to reduce its cost.


  • The smart note taker device is very reliable and also very powerful though it looks simple.
  • The device is very helpful for blinds that think and write.
  • It is very useful for the instructors in the presentations.
  • It uses paint application along with the java graphics and these features make the product compatible.
  • This device can be easily connected through the wireless connection.


  • The main disadvantage of this is that it is not affordable and only rich people can buy it.

Many companies are working on the similar type of products and even trying to reduce the cost of a product so that everyone can easily buy it. In the future, its price will be lowered as the technology develops.

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