SCADA Seminar PPT and PDF Report: SCADA is majorly availed in processes of an industry for superior control and data acquisition. SCADA stands for Superior Control and Data Acquisition, these systems are also entering in the laboratories of physics for controlling ancillary systems like power distribution, cooling, ventilation etc. systems of SCADA made high progress in expressions like openness, performance, scalability, functionality.

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SCADA Seminar PPT and PDF Report

Types of SCADA

Distinct types of SCADA are mentioned below:

  • D+R+N (Development + Run + Networking)
  • R + N (Run + Networking)
  • Factory plus

Features of SCADA

Features of SCADA are mentioned below:

  • It possesses a feature of recipe management
  • It contains scripts
  • It has the feature of device connectivity
  • It possesses data base connectivity
  • It has application security
  • It has a feature of historical time trend
  • It also possesses a feature of real time trend
  • It also possess features like alarm history and alarm summary
  • It has the feature of dynamic process graphic

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Manufacturer of SCADA

Manufacturers of SCADA are mentioned below

  • Wonderware: Intouch
  • Intelution: Aspic
  • Gefanc
  • Siemens: win cc
  • Allen Bradly: RS view

A meaning of SCADA

Abbreviation of Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition is SCADA. From its name only we can say that it is not a complete control system but its focus on the level of supervisory. The package of SCADA is a software package and is placed on top of a hardware module and software package gets interfaced with hardware module. If we explain this in general then it gets to interface with through PLCs i.e. Programmable Logic Controllers or else it gets interface through any other modules of hardware. Systems of SCADA are not only availed in the processes of industries like chemistry, steel making, conventional power generation and distribution, nuclear power generation and distribution but also used in experiments of nuclear fusion. A size of these plants varies from few thousand input and output channels to several ten thousand input and output channels. At present, an evolution of SCADA systems is at a very high rate and it is also entering the market of plants with a huge number of input and output channels. Well, now we know of two cases which are under advancement and possess 1M input and output channels. Systems of SCADA are availed to run on UNIX, VMS, and DOS.

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Typical hardware architecture: SCADA system contains two important layers and those are client layer and data server layer. Client layer contributes in man machine interaction and coming to data server layer then it handles activities of process data control. Exchange of information between data servers and machines in the field is done through process controllers. PLCs i.e. the process controllers are connected to data servers in a direct manner or through field buses or networks. A connection between data servers and client stations is done through an Ethernet LAN. The below figure shows diagrammatic representation of typical hardware architecture

Fig1: Typical Hardware Architecture

Software architecture: It contains multi tasking products which are based upon RTDB i.e. real-time data base. Servers perform tasks like data acquisition and handling. For example, tasks which come under data acquisition and handling are logging, archiving, calculations, alarm checking, and polling controllers. Software architecture does the following communications:

  • Internal communication
  • Access to devices

Functionality of SCADA system

Functionalities of SCADA systems are mentioned below:

  • It has access control
  • It has functionality of MMI i.e. it supports multiple screens
  • It furnishes complete trending facilities
  • It possesses functionality of alarm handling
  • It has functionalities like logging and archiving
  • It has report generation functionality
  • It also possesses automation function

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