Satrack Seminar and PPT with pdf report: Satrack can be defined as the system that offers an evaluation of the system that guides the ballistic missiles. The major purpose of its development to validate the integrated weapon system designs. This system has the capability to receive, record, track, and rebroadcast the signals of the satellite.

The great benefit offered by the Satrack facility is that all the data received from the test flights can be further used for getting a guidance error model. This recorded data can produce a model having comprehensive guidance error. In short, the Satrack facility results in the solution having the best flight path of the missile.

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Satrack Seminar PPT with PDF Report

Why Satrack need?

  • Early weapon systems depended on the impact of scoring techniques.
  • Accuracy was less.
  • Lack of accuracy in flight test Environment.
  • Broad ocean test ranges.
  • Lack of Progressive Hardware & Software.

Hardware required

  • Sharc Processor.
  • Data Simulators.
  • Telemetry
  • Satracker


  • Supervisory Position Reporting
  • External Sensors Supported
  • Integrated Motion Sensor
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Field Programmable

Future Directions

  • Batch mode Processing
  • Full Digital Implementation.
  • Evaluation Capability for cumulative flight test Accuracy.
  • Flexible architecture Receiver.

Major modules of the Satrack System

  • GPS Translator

It is a flight hardware which remains fixed in the missile. The GPS signals are received by the translator. These signals are amplified and shifted to an intermediate frequency. Further, signals get filtered for covering the satellite signal modulation bandwidth. After that, the signals get amplified for transmitting to the ground stations.

 The GPS Translator does the following things:

  1. Receiving the satellite signal.
  2. Further, it is translated to a missile telemetry frequency.
  3. The received signal gets rebroadcasted.
  • Ground Telemetry Stations

The signals are received by the missile from the GPS satellites and they get translated to a different frequency. They further relayed to the ground telemetry stations. The data for the playback and post processing is recorded by the ground telemetry stations.  The missile receives satellite signals that are translated to the S-band frequencies with the use of the missile hardware named as translators. The data is then recorded from the ground-based telemetry station after reception via the antenna after digitizing the signals. In order to offer real-time tracking solutions, the C/A signals are used by the ground sites.

  • Post Flight Tracking and Data Processing

This module is most vital part of the Satrack technology. The GPS signals are received, tracked and recorded for many days surrounding the missile flight at the GPS tracking sites. Further, these signals are received by the missile during the flight and translated in frequency. It gets further transmitted to the surface station. The recorded data is used by the post-flight process to offer satellite ephemerides clock. This tracked signal data is estimated from the post-flight receiver. All the data element and the system models are used by the missile processor after the signal tracking data for producing the flight test data products.

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  • The Satrack offers error guidance model for the best flight path for aircraft.
  • It is used as a recorder, interpreter, and guidance system in the satellite communication.


Over the years, there is a great contribution made by the Satrack for the successful development and success of the Trident weapon system. There is an important role played by it in offering a perfect monitoring system for the maintenance of the missile trajectory. The recent research and development in this field are responsible for bringing the latest technology translator, receiver, data recorders and missile processors in the programs related to the missile flight.

The error model is evaluated and monitored by these programs. Further, these models assist in the identification of the major error contributors that are the reason for the missile path’s misalignment. The implementation of the Low-Cost Missile Test Kit looks promising because of the Satrack. In addition to this, the system also developed sophisticated tools for analyzing methods, optimal target perception, and expensive flight tests assets.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Satrack

  • Introduction
  • Why Satrack need
  • How Satrack works
  • Hardware required
  • Implementation
  • Advantages
  • Applications
  • Future Directions
  • Conclusion

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