RAIN Technology Seminar and PPT with pdf report: The revolution in technology evolved the internet which made it a medium of communication. In this client and server based technology the main issue is maintaining a regular and continuous connection, for the solution of this problem or issue is the use of clustering.

Clustering is nothing but joining or linking of two or more systems to manage the workloads and this helped in approaching the RAIN technology. RAIN stands for Reliable Array of Independent Nodes which was developed by the California institute of technology. The aim of RAIN technology is to address the fault management, communication as well as storage in a disturbed environment and capable of furnishing the solution by decreasing the number of nodes.

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RAIN Technology Seminar PPT with pdf report

The technology is the name of a project and after that; it was named as ‘Rainfinity’s Technology’ which is the name of a clustered solutions company. RAIN technology is a different collection of nodes known as clusters. It also offers a new parameter or feature which puts back an out of order node and replaces it by a new node. It provides an open architecture for storing and makes the hardware very efficient.

Features of RAIN technology:

There are many features or characteristics of RAIN technology and they are as follows:

Clustering:  The clustering is nothing but the bonding of two or more systems for handling different workloads.

Distributed: The distributed system is a kind of a system which has many independent computers and the communication between them takes place via a computer network.

Shared-Nothing: The architecture of shared-nothing is a distributed computing architecture which has multiple nodes and each node will have a private or personal memory and input/output devices.

Fault tolerant: RAIN technology achieves fault tolerant by implementing the software.

Reliance on software: RAIN technology depends on software to furnish data reliability to different computer servers.

Use of inexpensive nodes: This applied science avails loosely coupled clusters availing inexpensive RAIN nodes.

Suitability for internet applications and network applications: This technology is very fit for the internet and network applications.

Scalability: This applied science has the parameter or feature scalability and the scalability and the scalability has the power or strength of a computer application to work well.

Communication: The nodes in the RAIN technology exchange information through internet topologies and reliable protocols for communication.

Group membership: Group membership can be done through protocols which are nothing but the set of rules and these protocols keeps the information of all the nodes that are present in the cluster.

Data storage: In data storage, the fault tolerance can be obtained by availing the storage schemes.

Components of RAIN Technology:

The RAIN technology has the following components:

  • RAIN nodes
  • IP- based internetworking
  • RAIN management software which includes:
  1. Storage component
  2. Communication component
  3. Computing component

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Advantages of RAIN Technology:

The RAIN technology has many advantages and some of the advantages of the applied science are as follows:

  • It has the feature of fault tolerance.
  • RAIN technology is easy to manage.
  • It has the open architecture and also has the feature of portability.
  • This technology supports different environments.
  • It does not furnish any limitation in the distance.
  • This technology possesses the features or parameters like availability and scalability.
  • It also balances the loads and performances.
  • The size of a RAIN cluster is unlimited.
  • This technology does not approach the concept of master-slave relationship.
  • It plays an efficient role in the traffic management.
  • It adds the new node to the cluster for utilizing it in the load sharing.
  • It functions or works with various or different intermit applications.

Applications of RAIN technology:

The RAIN technology has the wide range of applications and based on the features like an exchange of information, fault management and storage of data, building blocks increase the implementation of RAIN technology as well as widens it applications.

Some of the building blocks are as follows:

  • A video server called as RAIN video
  • A web server called SNOW i.e. Strong Network of Web services
  • RAIN wall
  • RAIN check and
  • Distributed checkpointing mechanism

Along with that, it has the following:

  • RAIN technology has high availability video server.
  • It has a high availability web server.
  • Well distributed checkpoint mechanism which we discussed earlier.

His technology permits for grouping of the unlimited number of nodes, these nodes can work and function as a single large node, sharing node. This giant node takes over if one or more nodes cease to function accurately. The future directions for this kind of work are as follows:

  • Advancement of API’s for availing the various building blocks.
  • The implementation of a genuinely distributed file system.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for RAIN Technology

  • Introduction
  • Goal of Technology
  • Architecture
  • Features
  • Advantages
  • Applications
  • Future Scope
  • Conclusion
  • Reference

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