Project Loon PPT | PDF Report Free To Download: The Internet is a very big global network which has a staggering amount of data about every imaginable topic. This modern invention has transformed the face of the planet; most of the population in the western countries takes the internet for granted. Though the internet is spreading with a high speed, there is still 2/3 of the population who are away with it. To overcome this problem, project loon was started and this works on the access of internet to everyone.

Project Loon PPT | PDF Report

The access of internet and the worldwide wireless network is made possible to everyone by availing the balloons which are powered by solar energy and these balloons are placed at the stratosphere. The problem is to figure out that how many balloons do we need to cover every part of the earth and it is said that a radius of 40km is covered by each balloon. This research project is being advanced by Google and this project is constructed in order to furnish to furnish internet access to everyone including the people living in the isolated areas.

It was decided that each and every part of the country require being covered by the internet with at least four solar-powered balloons. It was calculated that the New Zealand and the Chatham islands need 1033 balloons. But the areas in New Zealand which are denser with population need 51 balloons and in total, the New Zealand and Chatham islands need 1084 balloons to cover.

The Loon:

Loon is a huge balloon filled with helium gas. The outer part f the balloon is made up of polyethylene sheets and this makes the balloon stronger and the balloon withstand even in the harsh climatic conditions of the stratosphere. Under the envelope of the balloon, it has a tiny box which has all the required electronic equipment of the loon. The types of equipment contained in the small box are as follows:

  • Circuit boards which control the system
  • Radio antennas to communicate with other balloons
  • Radio antennas to communicate with antennas of the internet on the ground
  • Batteries for storing or saving solar energy

The batteries which store solar energy utilize the solar energy during the night. The electronic pieces of equipment of balloons are powered by the solar panels. The solar array is a flexible laminate of plastic and has the support of a lightweight aluminum frame. The panels generate nearly 100 watts of power during full sun and this energy is more than enough to run electronic equipment of sun and also to charge the battery to avail it during night. The communication of the loon with the ground is done with a radio frequency of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz.

It establishes a connection with the antennas on the ground and after that connects those antennas with the ground station that connects them to the available network of the internet. This network is like a normal wireless network and the difference is that it permits the internet to be transmitted to more extent and also permits the internet to many isolated areas. An antenna has a connection to a router of consumer grade which will furnish that particular area with internet. So, every balloon which transmits the internet is working to its full potential and along with the balloon, the electrical equipment of balloon is also working. It is transmitting the internet with a diameter of 40m along the ground.  

Each balloon furnishes the internet by availing the technology of wireless communications called LTE. To avail LTE, project loon has the partnership with telecommunication companies to share cellular spectrum and with this people can be able to access the internet. Balloons transmit wireless messages from mobile phones and other machines back to the global internet by availing high-speed links.

Working of the Balloons:

The balloons are sent up into the stratosphere up to a range of 20km, the software helps to move the balloon into the right position. Every balloon beams a connection of internet to the antennas which are present on the ground. The below diagram shows the position of balloons above the earth:

Position of Balloons above

Fig1: Position of Balloons above the Earth

Content of the Seminar and PDF Report for Project Loon

  • The Loon technology
  • The Loon Design
  • How Loon moves?
  • How Loon connects?
  • The Pilot Test
  • Engineering Challenges
  • Advantages
  • Conclusion
  • References

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Project Loon PPT and Seminar Free Download

Project Loon PDF Report Free Download

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