Product Management Seminar and  PPT with PDF Report: New product evolution shapes the company’s future. New product launch is a very composite, time consuming and is financially a big issue for any company. There is expectation from every new product floated to have high sales, to have good margins, to capture market allowance and thus make market leader.

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Product Management Seminar and  PPT with PDF Report

Dimensions of a Product

  • Core Product
  • Tangible Product
  • Augmented Product
  • Promised Product

Core Product

  • what the consumer really wants from the product
  • buys bran cereal for family
  • it’s not the product itself, it’s what the product can bring about

Tangible Product

  • the product itself
  • appearance
  • quality
  • functionality

Augmented Product

  • the product plus accompanying services
  • service/maintenance
  • buying environment
  • warranties & return policies

Promised Product

  • status the product will bestow
  • dependability
  • trade-in value
  • any aspect of the product that helps bring about the core product

Product Classifications

  • convenience goods
  • shopping goods
  • specialty goods

Product Strategy Formulation

Product Plan

Product Lifecycle – Five Stages

  • Product Development
  • Introduction
  • Growth
  • Maturity
  • Decline

Product Strategies

Approaches to the Market

  • product differentiation

– customers see a difference

  • market extension

– new uses for the product – Scotch tape

  • market segmentation

– develop new products for new segments

Key Management Decisions

  • product features
  • packaging
  • branding
  • related services
  • product mix
  • product line decisions

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Product Management

  • Dimensions of a Product:
  • Core Product:
  • Tangible Product:
  • Augmented Product:
  • Promised Product:
  • Product Classifications
  • Product Strategy Formulation
  • New Product Development Process
  • References

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