Polyfuse Seminar and PPT with PDF Report: Polyfuses is a new standard for circuit protection .It is re-settable by itself. Many manufactures also call it as Polyswitch or Multifuse. Polyfuses are not fuses but Polymeric Positive temperature Coefficient Thermistors (PPTC). This electric component protects the electronic circuits from the overcurrent faults. They perform the same tasks as the PTC Thermistors, but they work in a different way. The Polyfuses works on the mechanical changes instead of the charge carrier effects. Here we are providing Polyfuse Seminar and PPT with pdf report.

Polyfuse Seminar PDF Report and PPT

 Types of Polyfuses

  • Surface Mount Resettable Fuses
  • Radial-Leaded Resettable Fuses
  • Battery Strap Resettable Fuses

  Edges over Conventional Fuses

  • Over current protection
  • Low base resistance
  • Latching operation
  • Automatic resettability
  • Short time to trip
  • No arching during faulty situations
  • Small dimensions and compact designs
  • Internationally standardized and approved.
  • No accidental hot plugging
  • Withstand mechanical shocks and vibrations
  • Life time- up to 10 times longer

 Applications of Polyfuse

  • Speaker Protection
  • Battery Protection
  • IC Protection
  • Protection of Electrical Equipments
  • Protection Device Inside Consumer Electronics
  • Protection of Computer Peripherals
  • Automobiles, Industrial Control
  • Medical Electronics
  • Lighting, Security & Fire Alarm System
  • Tele Communication Equipment

 Operating Parameters

  • Initial Resistance
  • Operating Voltage
  • Holding Current
  • Trip Current
  • Time to Trip
  • Tripped State
  • Leakage Current
  • Trip Cycle
  • Trip Endurance
  • Power Dissipation
  • Thermal Duration
  • Hysteresis


The Polyfuses are used by many industries in their devices. Have a look at the top applications of this electronic component in our daily use devices:

  1. Polyfuses are used to protect the audio loudspeakers against the damage due to mismatches because nowadays, the speakers and amplifiers are designed and sold independently. The loudspeakers get protected from overheating damage by using a PolyFuse in the series.
  1. They have a major application in the devices that are powered by a transformer. It is installed on the secondary side of the transformer for the protecting the device against the overload.
  1. Polyfuses are widely used in the devices such as automobiles, industrial controls, medical electronics, fire alarm systems, medical electronics and much more where there is a need for circuit protection.
  1. It is highly used in the batteries because they are constantly charged and discharged during their life cycle. The rise in the temperature of the electrolyte is resulted by the over-charge. This can result in either an explosion or a fire. That’s why the Polyfuses plays an important role in the discharging and charging cycles of the batteries.

Operating Principle

Polyfuses are not fuses technically because they are Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient Thermistors. It’s working operation is based on the balance of an overall energy. It reaches a higher resistance to a low point current because of the fault conditions and then goes back to a conductive state due to the removal of the current.

It comes with a voltage rating and a current rating. This electronic component gets warmed up more than a threshold temperature when the current flows via the device pass the current limit. Then the PPTC device’s electrical resistance instantly increases the different orders of magnitude for a tripped state having the resistance of thousands of ohms. The device dissipates its power equal to the source voltage times in the tripped state. As a result, the maximum permissible power dissipation limits the maximum operating voltage of the device.

Other Important Information

The Polyfuses electronic devices are always employed as a series element in a circuit. They have a small form that assists in conserving the valuable board space. In addition to this, they come with the resettable functionality that allows it to place it in the inaccessible locations in a contrast to the traditional fuses. Apart from that, they are able to withstand the mechanical vibration and shock because they are solid state devices.

Polyfuses also known as resettable fuses offer automatic restoration and over-current protection. Generally, they are packed in surface mount, radial, axial or disk form. It is available in the market in the current ratings of 20 mA to 100 amps and voltage ratings of 30 to 250 volts.

 Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Polyfuse

  • Introduction
  • Over Current Protection
  • Construction
  • Principle of Operation
  • Types of Polyfuses
  • Edges Over Conventional Fuses
  • Applications of Polyfuse
  • Conclusion
  • References

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