Millipede Seminar PPT and PDF Report Free: “Millipede” is a new (AFM)-based data storage concept. Its potential for ultrahigh storage density has been demonstrated by a new thermomechanical local-probe technique to store and read back data in very thin polymer films.

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“Millipede” is built on a mechanical parallel x/y scanning of either the whole cantilever array chip or the storage medium. In addition, a feedback-controlled z-approaching and -leveling scheme conducts the whole cantilever array chip into contact with the storage medium.

Millipede Seminar PPT and PDF Report

 This tip, medium contact is sustained and controlled while x/y scanning is accomplished for write/read. It is salient to note that the Millipede approach is not built on individual z-feedback for each cantilever; rather, it uses a feedback control for the whole chip, which significantly simplifies the system.

Layout of the Platform

Arrangement of the coils, the interconnects and the fixed magnets, as well as the different motions addressed by the corresponding coils.

Cross section of the Platform-Fabrication Process

  1. Coils are electroplated through an SU-8 resist mask, which is retained as the body of the platform;
  2. An insulator layer is deposited;
  3. Interconnects are electroplated;
  4. The platform is released from the silicon substrate


  • High storage capacity.
  • Very small form factor.
  • Low power consumption.
  • It is re-writeable.
  • High data rate.
  • Long-term perspectives.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Millipede

  • What is millipede
  • The millipede concept
  • Thermomechanical AFM Data Storage
  • Microscanner concept
  • Layout of the platform
  • Visco-elastic model of bit writing Topographic image of individual bits
  • Demonstration of the new erasing scheme
  • Advantages
  • References

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