Low Costatic Autom and PPT with pdf report: Growing demand for the saving of electricity. Failure in power supply causes difficulty and inconvenience An automatic emergency lamp that uses LED.Highly bright due to use of white LEDs.

Low Costatic Autom Seminar PPT with pdf report


  • Simple: Simple circuit: Components are easily available and low cost.
  • Automatic: Automatically switches ON when the mains fails and turns OFF when mains power resumes. Also has its own battery charger which when fully charged stops charging automatically.
  • Convenient:   Makes our lives simpler, convenient to use.
  • Economical: Energy consumption is very less, proves to be more economic for the consumer.


  • Efficiency: more light per watt than incandescent bulbs.
  • Color: can emit of an intended color without use of color filters.
  • Size: very small.
  • On/off time: light up very quickly.
  • cycling: can be subjected to frequent on-off cycling.
  • Dimming: can be dimmed by PWM.


  • Cost: currently more expensive.
  • Temperature dependence: performance largely depends on the operating temperature.
  • Health hazard: cool white LEDs can cause problems to eyes.


  • The project was concluded to be innovative for the improvement of day today life.
  • Device also adds a new look to the traditional lamps.
  • The use of PWM helps us to reduce the wastage of energy.
  • The cost of implementing this circuit is also very less – an added advantage in using this circuit.

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