Knowledge Management Seminar and PPT with pdf report: Efficient handling of information and resources within a commercial organization. There are some keys to knowledge management implementation like (a) Start with a clear definition (b) Foster collaborative knowledge creation (c) Think globally.

Knowledge Management Seminar PPT with pdf report

 Approaches to Knowledge Management

  • Process Approach
  • Practice Approach
  • Hybrid Approach
  • Best practices
  • Knowledge repository

 Knowledge Management Principles

  • KM is expensive (but so is stupidity!)
  • KM is highly political.
  • KM requires knowledge managers.
  • Sharing and using knowledge are often unnatural acts.
  • KM means improving knowledge work processes.
  • Knowledge access is only the beginning.
  • KM never ends.
  • KM requires a knowledge contract.
  • The more your share, the more you gain.

 Knowledge Management Challenges

  • Security
  • Getting people motivated
  • Keeping up with technology
  • Measuring knowledge
  • Overcoming shared leadership
  • Keeping data accurate. Interpreting data effectively
  • Making sure information is relevant
  • Determining where in the organization KM should reside
  • Rewarding active users

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Knowledge Management

  • Introduction
  • History
  • What is Knowledge Management?
  • Why Knowledge Management is Important
  • Keys to Knowledge Management Implementation
  • Approaches to Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management System Cycle
  • Components of Knowledge Management Systems
  • Knowledge Management System Implementation
  • Knowledge Management Principles
  • Knowledge Management Benefits
  • Knowledge Management Challenges
  • Conclusion
  • References

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Knowledge Management PPT and Seminar Free Download

Knowledge Management pdf Report Free Download

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