International law PPT and PDF Full Download Free: International law has the principles and rules of the general application which deals with the conduct of international organizations and also with the conduct of the states in their international relations with one another and with the minority groups, transnational companies, and private individuals.

International law PPT and PDF Full Download Free

International legal personality:    

International legal personality refers to the legal persons or independent or separate or self-contained existence that have the obligations and rights under the international law. They are the following:

  • States
  • International organizations
  • Nationality of individuals and companies
  1. States: A state consist of the following features or characteristics:
  • A defined territory
  • A permanent population
  • It has the capacity to enter into relations with other states
  • A government
  1. International organizations: The states established the international organizations via the international agreements and the powers of international organizations are limited to the people who conferred on the international organization in their constituent document. These organizations provide a limited degree of international personality. The representatives of international organizations have few immunities and privileges and they can enter into the agreements which take place at an international level. The decisions which are binding on all the members of the state are made by the Security Council and the Security Council has the power to make all such decisions.
  2. The nationality of individuals and companies: Under the international law, the individuals are not considered as the legal persons, the link or connection if individuals to the State are via the nationality’s concept and this may need citizenship or may not need citizenship. If a person is being treated as the national of a State for a defined purpose then this status of being treated as a national of a State is known as nationality.
  • Spacecraft, aircraft, ships, and companies are said to have the nationality of the State by knowing the territory they are registered. This is vital to know if they are doing the activities outside the territory they are registered.

International obligations:

The source of international law which are listed in the Article38 (1) furnishes the following things which the court has to apply. They are as explained below:

  • The International conventions which are referred as treaties
  • International custom or customary law
  • General principles of law and civilized nations are the ones who recognized the general principles of law
  • Subsidiary means for the determination of rules of law
  • Hierarchy of Norms
  • Role of the international law commission i.e. ILC

Jurisdiction of States:

The concept of jurisdiction explains the following:

  • Principles of jurisdiction
  • Immunities from jurisdiction

Status of the seas, Antarctica and outer space:

The parameters which tell about the status of the seas, outer space and Antarctica are as follows:

  • Exclusive economic zone
  • High seas
  • Deep seabed beyond the limits of the national jurisdiction
  • Outer space
  • Antarctica

Principles governing relations between states:

The principles which govern the relations between states are explained below:

  • Pacific settlement of disputes
  • Co-operation with one another in accordance with the charter
  • Sovereign equality of rights
  • States shall fulfill in good faith the obligations assumed by them in accordance with the Charter
  • Equal rights and self-determination of the people
  • Non-intervention in the matters within the domestic jurisdiction of the state in accordance with the Charter
  • States have to be refraining in their relations at the international level from the threats

The terminology of international law:

The international law is a term which refers three different legal disciplines and they are:

  • Public international law
  • Private international law
  • Supranational law

Branches of international law:

There are two traditional branches of international law:

  • Agreements between nations
  • Law of nations

Types of international law:

The types of international law are explained with the help of the below diagram:

Fig1: Types of International Law

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International Law PPT Free Download

International Law PDF Free Download

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