Intelligent Highways Seminar and PPT with PDF Report: Intelligent highways are the new highway traffic analysis and response technology that will be implemented in major cities in the near future in order to decrease traffic congestions and accidents.

Intelligent Highways Seminar Report with PPT and PDF

IHS promises to reduce traffic congestion, fuel consumption and emissions and increase the safety, efficiency and capacity of highway systems without building additional highways. It does this by adding intelligence to both the road and vehicles.

Need of Intelligent Highways

  • Each year 42000 people lose their lives on our nation roads.
  • Driver and passenger lose two billion hour each year to never-wracking traffic jam.
  • According to General Accounting Office (GAO) $70 billion spend on traffic. accidents

Traditional Methods

  • Loop Detectors
  • Video Cameras
  • Electronic Board Signs

Disadvantage of Loop Detector

  • Sources of loop malfunction such as stuck sensors can produce erroneous data and may lead to inaccurate detection.

Base of Future Traffic Tracking

  • You are in a shrinking minority of American population if you don’t own at least one electronic communication device
  • There are 119 million cell-phone users in united state as of July 2001 and each day thousand more sign up.
  • So for the proper implementation of future traffic tracking each vehicles owner must have any electronic device it may be cell phone or pager or any device.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Intelligent Highways

  • Introduction
  • Need
  • Traditional Method
  • Future Traffic Tracking
  • Future Method
  • References

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