IBOC Technology Seminar and PPT with PDF Report: Digital radio, also called digital audio broadcasting (DAB), is transmission and reception of radio signals in the digital domain, as opposed to the traditional analogue transmission/reception by AM and FM system. This page contains IBOC Technology Seminar and PPT with pdf Report.

IBOC Technology Seminar PPT with PDF Report

Benefits of Digital Audio Broadcasting

  • High quality digital audio
  • Reliable delivery to fixed, portable and mobile receivers for interference-free reception.
  • Efficient use of the limited radio frequency spectrum available.
  • Easy to use receivers.
  • Flexibility and choice of programmes for listeners.
  • Added-value system features such as multimedia.

Why delay in adoption?

  • Low power FM stations are prone to interference.
  • IBOC licensing, and service rules have not been adopted yet.
  • Cost is high.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for IBOC Technology

  • Introduction
  • Why Digital Radio?
  • What is IBOC
  • Eureka 147
  • Block diagram
  • IBOC modes of operation
  • IBOC implementation Techniques
  • Benefits of DAB
  • Why delay in adoption?

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IBOC Technology PPT and Seminar Free Download

IBOC Technology pdf Report Free Download

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