Hydrology Seminar and PPT with pdf report: In our seminar we want to calculate the peak flow that produced from the excess rainfall at the area that we want to design the Dam. This page contains Hydrology Seminar and PPT with pdf report.

Hydrology Seminar PPT with Pdf Report


  • Determining the water balance of a region.
  • Determining the agricultural water balance.
  • Designing riparian restoration projects.
  • Mitigating and predicting flood, landslide and drought risk.
  • Real-time flood forecasting and flood warning.
  • Designing irrigation schemes and managing agricultural productivity.
  • Part of the hazard module in catastrophe modeling.
  • Providing drinking water.
  • Designing dams for water supply or hydroelectric power generation.
  • Designing bridges.
  • Designing sewers and urban drainage system.


  • Single strongest variable driving hydrologic processes
  • Formed by water vapor in the atmosphere
  • As air cools its ability to ‘hold’ water decreases and some turns to liquid or ice (snow)

Weather vs. Climate Patterns

  • Weather (day to day) vs. climate (years-decades and patterns)
  • What are hydrologists most concerned with?
  • Climate and geography result in biome classification

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Hydrology

  • Introduction
  • Precipitation
  • Applications
  • The Hydrologic Cycle
  • Conclusion
  • References

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Hydrology PPT and Seminar Free Download

Hydrology pdf Report Free Download

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