HIV AND AIDS PPT and PDF Free: HIV means Human Immune Deficiency Virus and its rising incidence leading to AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) has been posing grave globally to the lives of people especially women. The following are the causes through a person can get affected with an HIV and AIDS:

  • Sexual intercourse with HIV infected partner
  • Poor obstetric and gynecological practices
  • Using infected needles
  • Blood transfusion at the time of accidents or pregnancy also result in HIV/AIDS
  • The heterosexual transmission of HIV became the dominant route of infection in most nations in the world
  • By blood products i.e. through unclean needles or unscreened blood
  • By having unsafe anal, vaginal, and oral sex
  • By mother to baby through pregnancy, labor, and nursing

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Estimation is that one million new HIV infections occur annually according to the World Health Organization (WHO). At present, more than eight million adults are infected with the HIV. Most of them are the women in the child bearing age group and very risky anti-retroviral treatment only may reduce the risk of transmission to the body. About 2.5 million Africans are believed to carry the virus. HIV is more prevalent in those African countries with the poorest record of women education. Asia too, it has been spreading rapidly.

The studies on prostitutes in several urban areas in India and Thailand had shown that HIV infection was present. There is no vaccine to prevent neither AIDS nor medicine to cure AIDS. The only remedy available is health education. The AIDS does not spread through personal contacts. Education posters precautions in all regional languages should be made available for the prevention of AIDS. 1st of December is declared as World AIDS Day to create awareness among the public.

Prevention / Cure

Prevention from HIV infection, women should have access to better health services. Estrogen in the form of a topical cream could help to protect women against HIV. It is an inexpensive protective method. Nevirapine is a new drug which has been reported to reduce the incidence of HIV in mothers and in their new born babies. Testing HIV does not mean the end. They can still stay healthy leading productive lives for many years. The following precautions have to be followed to prevent the spread of AIDS among people:

  • Promiscuous sex should be avoided
  • Blood transfusion with the HIV positive persons should be avoided
  • If a pregnant mother is HIV positive, the baby in her womb may also contrast AIDS
  • Counseling by voluntary organization to the HIV infected
  • Medical therapy for AIDS has proved only partial success and further research is going

The below table gives the detailed information about HIV / AIDS:

                                                                      HIV / AIDS
Synonyms HIV infection, HIV disease
Specialty Infectious disease
Complications Tumors, and opportunistic infections
Duration Long term
Symptoms In the early stage, the symptoms will be like illness and flu. In the later stages, the symptoms are large lymph nodes, fever, and weight loss
Causes Through Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Risk factors Exposure to blood, sex, and breast milk
Diagnostic method Through blood tests
Prognosis Near normal life expectancy with the treatment
Treatment Antiretroviral therapy
Prevention Needle exchange, male circumcision, safe sex
Frequency 37.3 million as per 2015


1.2 million as per 2015

                                   Table1: about HIV / AIDS

Disadvantages of being infected by HIV / AIDS

The following are the disadvantages of being infected by HIV / AIDS:

  • The patients i.e. the sufferer of AIDS has to take the medicines daily without any gap.
  • Many people become the patient of life because of the bad life style. So, the patients need to deal with the people too. Well, if they made peace with themselves then this problem with the other people does not matter.
  • Living with AIDS is nothing but you carry a virus with you and need to take care of its level in your body.
  • Financial hurdles.

The below diagram explains about the routes of HIV transmission:


Fig1: Routes of HIV transmission

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