Geographic Information System PPT and PDF Report: Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are computer-based systems that modify users to gather, store, and process, analyze and to present spatial knowledge. It provides associate degree electronic illustration of knowledge, known as spatial knowledge, concerning the Earth’s natural and artificial options. A GIS references these real-world spatial knowledge components to a reference system. These options are often separated into totally different layers. A GIS system stores every class of knowledge during a separate “layer” for easy maintenance, analysis, and visual image. For instance, these layers will represent tract characteristics, census knowledge, demographics data, environmental and ecological knowledge, roads, land use, watercourse evacuation and flood plains, and rare life habitats.

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Geographic Information System (GIS) PPT and PDF Report

A GIS may store attribute knowledge that is descriptive data of the map options. This attribute data is placed during an information break free the graphics knowledge, however, is coupled to them. A GIS permits the examination of each spatial and attributes knowledge at an equivalent time. Also, a GIS lets users search the attribute knowledge and relate it to the spatial knowledge. Therefore, a GIS will mix geographic and different kinds of knowledge to come up with maps and reports, sanctioning users to gather, manage, and interpret location-based data during a planned and systematic approach.

In short, a GIS is often outlined as an automatic data processing system capable of grouping, storing, manipulating, and showing geographically documented data. GIS systems are dynamic and allow speedy change, analysis, and display. They use knowledge from several various sources like satellite imagination, aerial photos, maps, ground surveys, and world positioning systems (GPS).

Types of GIS:

Distinct types of a geographic information system are explained with the aid of a diagram:


Fig1: Types of Geographic Information System

  • Four-dimensional GIS: whereas spatiotemporal geo-representations will handle 2 dimensions of the house and one amongst time, multi-dimensional GIS is designed for 3 dimensions of the house and one amongst time.
  • Multimedia/hyper media GIS: Multimedia/hyper media GIS enable the user to access a large vary of georeferenced transmission knowledge (e.g., simulations, sounds, and videos) by choosing resources from a georeferenced image map base. A map serving because the primary index to transmission knowledge in an exceeding transmission geo-representation is termed a hyper map. Transmission and virtual geo representations may be held on either in extended relative databases, object knowledge bases or in application-specific data stores.
  • Web GIS: Widespread access to the web, the presence of browsers and therefore the explosion of commodified geographic data has created it and this is able to develop new kinds of transmission geo-representations on the online. Many current geomatic solutions are Web-based passing the normal Desktop surroundings and most future ones are expected to follow constant direction.
  • Virtual reality: GIS computer game GIS is developed to permit the creation, manipulation and exploration of geo-referenced virtual environments, e.g., victimization VRML modeling (Virtual Reality Modeling Language). Computer game GIS i.e. virtual reality may be conjointly Web-based. Applications embody 3D simulation for designing (to experiment with totally different scenarios).

Multimedia and Geographic Information System:

Multimedia: It may be a technology that encompasses numerous styles of knowledge Associate in Nursing and presents them in an integrated type. There are many styles of knowledge that are employed by the technology, as well as text, graphics, hyperlinks, images, sound, digital and analog video and animation.  

  • Although many GIS is with success enforced, it’s become quite clear that two-dimensional maps cannot exactly present or portray dimensional and dynamic spatial phenomena. Moreover, there’s a growing would like towards accessing spatial knowledge. It looks that merging GIS and transmission is a way in traumatizing these problems.
  • The latest advances in industry particularly in hardware have LED to the event of the transmission and Geographical system (GIS) technologies. Transmission i.e. multi media provides communications exploitation text, graphics, animation, and video. Transmission GIS systems is a way to overcome the restrictions displayed by the technologies after they are used on an individual basis. The transmission will extend GIS capabilities of presenting geographic and alternative info. The mixture of many media typically leads to a strong and richer presentation of information and ideas to stimulate interest and enhance info retention.

GIS Subsystems:

The four important subsystems of GIS are as below:

  • Data input subsystem
  • Data storage, editing, and retrieval subsystem
  • Data manipulation and analysis subsystem
  • Data output and display subsystem

Applications of Multimedia GIS:

Below are the fields of application of multi media GIS:

  • Education
  • Mapmaking
  • Land data
  • Archaeology
  • Forestry
  • Natural hazards
  • Environmental
  • Infrastructure and utilities
  • GIS in agriculture and soil
  • Water resources
  • Oceanography
  • Military GIS

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Presently Available GIS Software:  

The currently available software of GIS is mentioned below:

  • ESRIs ArcGIS
  • Autodesk’s AutoCAD Map
  • Autodesk’s GIS design overlay
  • Intergraph’s GeoMedia Transportation

Content of the Seminar and PDF Report for Geographic Information System (GIS)

  • What Is GIS?
  • Principle
  • Function
  • Components
  • Types of GIS
  • Advantages of GIS
  • Applications of GIS
  • Conclusion
  • References

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Geographic Information System (GIS) PPT and Seminar

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