Gas Turbine Seminar Report PPT with PDF Download: You can find here Advantages of Gas Turbine and they are: Weight reduction of 70%, Simplicity, Reduced manning requirements, Quicker response time, Faster Acceleration/deceleration, Modular replacement, Less vibrations and More economical.

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Gas Turbine Seminar Report PPT with PDF Download


  • Supplies high pressure air for combustion process
  • Compressor types
    • Radial/centrifugal flow compressor
    • Axial flow compressor

Use of Compressed Air

  • Primary Air
    • Passes directly to combustor for combustion process
  • Secondary Air
    • Passes throughout holes in penetrate inner shell & mixes with combustion gases
  • Film Cooling Air
    • Insulates/cools turbine blades


The gas turbine is used where high power and speed are chief deliberation. It is used in jet population unit in air craft, in ships as population unit, in high geared system in automobile and also in electric generating station and in locomotives. The open cycle turbine is mainly used in airplanes.

Disadvantages of Gas Turbine

  • Many parts under high stress
  • High pitched noise
  • Needs large quantities of air
  • Large quantities of hot exhaust (target)
  • Cannot be repaired in place

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Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Gas Turbine

  • Introduction
  • Brayton Cycle
  • Basic Components
  • Compressor
  • Use of Compressed Air
  • Combustion Chambers
  • Accessory Drive Assembly
  • Advantages of GT’s
  • Disadvantages of GT’s
  • Gas Turbine Systems
  • References

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Gas Turbine PPT and Seminar Free Download

Gas Turbine pdf Report Free Download

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