Fractal Robots Seminar and PPT with pdf report: The origin of every applied science is the outcome of the search for automation of little form of work of the human beings and this led to the lot of inventions which made the life easier for all the human beings. Now coming to the fractal robots, the fractal robot is a science that assures to produce a great change in the technology which has not seen before. You can download here Fractal Robots Seminar and PPT with pdf report.

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Fractal Robots Seminar PPT with Pdf Report

The principle at the back of the fractal robots is very simple and it is required to take some cubic metal bricks and cubic plastic bricks, have to motorize them and place few electronic types of equipment in it and finally control them. With all the required parameters that are mentioned above, people can get the devices that can transform shape from one object to the other. It doesn’t need any manual actions in order to change the happening things and they are the hardware which is equal to the software of the computer.

What are Fractals?

A fractal can be anything that has a real measure of accurate self-similarity, if the people observe at any component of its whole body then it will be same to the complete object.

Fractal robots: The fractal robots are physically same as the above-explained definition, they start at one size and to them, the cubes which are half to that size and double to that size can be joined. The same procedure is done to the attached cubes and this is the feature that makes them fractal, the least expected size of it may be between 1000 atoms and 10,000 atoms wide. The movement of these cubes does not have to control until they are integrated with the computer chips.

Fractal Robot Mechanism: Let us begin the mechanism of the fractal robot with constructional details and they are as follows:

  1. Simple construction details: The required and necessary attempts are made in constructing the robotic cubes in a very simple manner. The robotic cubes are joined from the manufactured face plates to form a frame of a cube shape, the cube does not have any material and it is empty from inside and the plates that helped in joining the cube have the electrical contact pads that permit the power and information signals to go or pass from one robotic cube to the other.
  2. Movement mechanism: To observe the internal techniques, the cross section of the plates is the most required thing. The motor helps the plates to push inside the slots and outside the slots, to run the petals the motor can be used or they can run in a pair with the help of a flexible metal strip.
  3. Implementation of a computer control: The brisk robotic cubes have a restricted microcontroller to do the fundamental operations like the exchange of information and the control of internal technique. The biggest and the main equipment of the system of a fractal robot is the software i.e. the collection of programs.
  4. Fractal O.S.: The fractal operating system plays an important role in the practical embedding of the system, it avails many features to get the following objectives:
    • Transparent communication of the information
    • Comparison the of data at every level
    • The awareness about the built-in self-repair
  5. Fractal Bus: The fractal bus is a vital development for the fractal computer applied science and it allows the hardware and the software to immerse into a single structure of data. It aids in transmitting or in getting the data or information which is controlled with the feature of fractal.

Movement Algorithms:

There are a number of mechanical schemes for building cubes and the cubes have distinct sizes but the real method of movement persist the same. There are three most important methods and they are as follows:

  • The pick and place method
  • The N-streamers method
  • The L-streamers method


The self-repair methods that can be applied to the fractal robots are three distinct kinds, the simplest method that can be put in active is the cube replacement.

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Application of the Fractal Robot:

The applications of the fractal robots are as follows:

  • In the construction of the bridge
  • In the firefighting
  • In entering the buildings
  • In the applied science of defense
  • They can be implemented in the earthquake applications
  • They can be implemented in the medical applications
  • They even have the application in the space exploration

Limitations of the Fractal Robots:

The limitations of the fractal robots are as follows:

  • At present, it is very expensive.
  • The applied science is still in the early stage of the development.
  • It requires very accurate software to control.

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