Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (FRC) Seminar and PPT with pdf report: Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (FRC) is concrete consisting fibrous material which increases its structural purity. It holds short discrete fibers that are uniformly distributed and circumstances oriented.This page contains Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (FRC) Seminar and PPT with pdf report.

Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Seminar PPT with pdf report

Fiber reinforced concrete is used for:

  • Industrial flooring
  • Sprayed concrete
  • Slender structures (usually in precast plants)
  • Fire resistant structures
  • mortar applications (rehabilitation)

Types of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

  • Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  • Synthetic Fibers
  • Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete


  • Improve mix cohesion, improving pump ability over long distances
  • Improve freeze-thaw resistance
  • Improve resistance to explosive spelling in case of a severe fire
  • Improve impact resistance
  • Increase resistance to plastic shrinkage during curing

 Effects of fiber reinforced concretes

  • Improved durability of the structure
  • Increased tensile and flexural strengths
  • Higher resistance to later cracking
  • Improved crack distribution
  • Reduced shrinkage of early age concrete
  • Increased fire resistance of concrete
  • Negative influence on workability
  • Improved homogeneity of fresh concrete

 Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

  • Introduction
  • What is fiber reinforced concrete? Application
  • History of Reinforced Concrete
  • Application of FRC
  • Fiber reinforced concrete is used for
  • Types of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete
  • Benefits
  • Effects of fiber reinforced concretes
  • Conclusion
  • References

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