Extreme Programming (XP) Seminar and PPT with pdf report: Extreme programming i.e. XP is considered as ponders and ruled approach to the advancement of the software. Before six years, it was proved at many companies of various sizes and industries in the world. The abbreviation of extreme programming is XP and the extreme programming is very successful and famous because it concentrates on the satisfaction of the customer, the methodology of extreme programming is designed in such a way that it delivers the software when the customer has the need of the software. You can get here Extreme Programming (XP) Seminar and PPT, PDF Report.

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Extreme Programming Seminar PPT with pdf report

It authorizes the software development to respond with confidence to the transforming customer needs. The existing methodology of the extreme programming laid the stress upon the teamwork; the managers, customers, and developers all come under a team who has the dedication to deliver the quality software. The extreme programming enhances project software in the necessary ways and they are as follows:

  • Communication
  • Simplicity feedback
  • Courage

The programmers of the extreme programming exchange the information with their customers and with the fellow programmers, the programmers always keep their design to be simple and also clean.

Why Extreme Programming (XP)?

The extreme programming is necessary and it is even successful because it has the following features:

  • The extreme programming gets all the necessary things before starting the design.
  • The extreme programming freezes the requirements before beginning the advancement.
  • It resists the changes as they lengthen the schedule.
  • It delivers a product that is out of date on the release.

The particles of Extreme Programming (XP):

The extreme programming implements several software advancement particles, but not all of them are only to the extreme programming. All these practices work well and they contribute to the overall success of the project. There are twelve practices in extreme programming and they are as follows:

  • Planning game
  • Small release
  • Metaphor
  • Easy design
  • Coding standards
  • On-site customers
  • Sustainable pace
  • Continuous advancement
  • Collective ownership
  • Pair programming
  • Refactoring
  • Test driven development

User stories:

The user stories are used to make the time estimates for the release planning meetings and are used in place of a big necessary document. The user stories should only furnish the details to create a reasonably low-risk estimate of the period that hoe long the story will take to be implemented.

Acceptance tests:

The acceptance tests are made from the user stories and at the repetition, the user stories are selected and the planning of the repetition meeting will be changed into the acceptance tests. A user story is considered to be a total unit, it has qualified its acceptance tests and this means that modern acceptance test must be made at each repetition time or the advancement team will report the zero progress. The quality assurance (QR) is an important part of the process of extreme programming and it is the responsibility of the team to schedule the time to each repetition to fix the tests which are failed. The name acceptance was transformed from the functional tests.

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Release planning:

A release planning meeting is necessary and used to make a release plan and this release planning places the overall project. The plan about the release is used to make repetition plans for every single repetition, it is vital for technical people to make the decisions related to technical parameters and for the business people to make the decisions related to the business parameters.

System metaphor:

Selecting a system metaphor to have the team on the similar page by naming the classes and methods in a way which is suitable, the naïve metaphor is based on the domain.


The refactoring permits the people to retrieve the structure of the existing part of the software as it becomes simpler to include or make functional changes.

Distinguishing Features of the Extreme Programming: 

The extreme programming (XP) is distinguished from other methodologies by the following features:

  • The extreme programming has the feature of early and continuous feedback from tiny cycles.
  • It has the incremental planning.
  • The extreme programming has the trust on the oral communication.
  • It also has the reliance on close collaboration.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Extreme Programming

  • —XP: Why?
  • —Extreme programming model
  • —References

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