Entrepreneurship PPT AND PDF: Entrepreneurship can be defined as someone’s willingness to take higher risks and organize, manage and develop a business organization in a market that constantly evolves. Generally, the innovators, inventors, leaders and pioneers are the entrepreneurs. We can say that entrepreneurship is a process of an entrepreneur’s action in the search of something new such as thinking about gaining profitable opportunities by accepting the risk and take their enterprise to the higher level.

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Entrepreneurship PPT and PDF

Characteristics of Entrepreneurship

Have a look at the main features of the entrepreneurship:
1. Profit chances
The chances of profit are the level of return to the person who is taking risks and developing an idea into its business venture. The actions of the entrepreneurs will likely remain abstract and a paper leisure activity without the potential of the profit.

2. Creativity and Persuasiveness
There is a need to have the creative capacity for recognizing and pursuing the opportunities in a successful entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurs should possess great selling skills and be persistent.

3. Innovation
The entrepreneurship continuously demands a continuous search for innovative ideas. The entrepreneur should evaluate the present modes of business operations for developing more efficient and effective systems. In a simple definition, it is a continuous effort for optimization of performance in an organization.

4. Risk Bearing

As we defined above, the entrepreneurship is the willingness to take risks. The individuals should arise out of the implementation and creation of the creative ideas. They should believe that new ideas take some time to offer results and their results may not be instantaneous.

5. Vision

Probably, one of the biggest responsibilities of the entrepreneur is to decide the direction of the business. There is a need to have proper vision. If a company doesn’t have this, they will likely get lost in the sea.

6. Excellent Business Skills

A successful entrepreneur always has the ability to set up the internal procedures, systems, and processes required to operate a company. He/she should focus on sales, revenue, and cash flow all the times. They always evaluate the current talents and professional network.

Advantages of Entrepreneurship

There are numerous benefits of having an entrepreneurship in an organization:
• Creation of organizations
When the entrepreneurs assemble and coordinate the human, physical and financial resources, the entrepreneurship results in the creation of organizations. It directs them towards the achievement of goals through the skills of management.

Improvement in standards of living
The productive organizations result in making a great variety of goods and services for the society that results in a higher standard of living for the people.

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Factors Affecting Entrepreneurship

Have a look at the factors listed below:
• Personality Factors
Personal factors such as initiative, proactive, problem-solver, persuasion, perseverance and self-confidence have become the major competencies of entrepreneurs.

• Environmental Factors

The environmental factors can be defined as those factors in which the individuals have to work in the organization. Some of its examples are the legal system, social conditions, political climate, economic conditions and much more.

Content of the Seminar and PDF for Entrepreneurship

  • What is an entrepreneur?
  • Characteristics of an entrepreneur
  • Planning to be an entrepreneur
  • Growth pressures, managing a family business, and corporate intrapreneurship
  • References

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