Employee Management System PPT and PDF Report Download: Application that enables users to create and store Employee Records. It also provides facilities of payroll system which enables user to generate Pay Slip.

Employee Management System PPT and PDF Report Download

Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements

  •  Memory Space:
    • Minimum – 32 MB
    • Recommended – 64 MB
  • HDD – To install the software at least 2 GB and the data storage is depending upon the organizational setup.
  • PROCESSORIntel Pentium IV, 1GHZ or above
  • ram – 256MB or above
  • VIDEO – 1024×768, 24-bit colors
  • KEYBOARDStandard 104 Keys(QWERTY)

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Software Requirements

  • Operating System – WindowsXP Professional
  • Developing Language – JAVA(jdk-5)a
  • DATABASE – Microsoft SQL SERVER 2005

Tools and Platform Used


  • Front end

  Java is used as a programming language. it is easy to use, flexible and efficient.

  • Back end

 Microsoft sql server is used for the database.


Microsoft Windows Platform is used. windows xp is a multi-user operating system. it has been designed and developed by microsoft co-operation.

Approaches to Testing

There are two fundamental approaches to testing they are:

Functional Testing/Black Box Testing:

  • Equivalence Class Partitioning:
  • Boundary Value Analysis:
  • Cause-Effect Graphing:

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Structural Testing:

There are three different approaches to structural testing they are- :

  • Control flow based criteria:
  • Data Flow based testing:
  • Mutation Testing:

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Employee Management System

  • Introduction
  • Why java..
  • Objectives
  • Scope
  • System Specifications
  • Software life cycle model
  • Tools and platform used..
  • Language used-JAVA
  • Modules
  • References

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Employee Management System PPT and Seminar Free Download

Employee Management System pdf Report Free Download

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