E – Textiles Seminar PPT with PDF Report: Benefits of E- TextilesE textiles offers the following advantages: Flexible, No wires to snag environment, Large surface area for sensing, Invisible to others and Cheap manufacturing.

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E – Textiles Seminar PPT with PDF Report

Properties of E – Textiles

  • Electrical properties
  • Mechanical properties

    2. Sewability
    3. Washability 

Applications of E-textiles

  • To sense tank movements,
  • To monitor homes for noxious chemicals
  • For sensor network communications
  • Physical therapy
  • Act as batteries or chemical sensors

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Future Prospects

One of the probable future scenarios of e-textile is that as the field of fibertronics becomes more mature, the hybrid structures will include more electronic functionality at the fiber level, until we eventually end up with electronic textiles where all advanced electronic function, such as batteries, lightning, communication and computing is all embedded in the textile fibers.


  • Over the past decade, electronics have been reducing in size and extending in functionality.
  • The idea for the most wearable system is to attach technological components to the textile in which transmission lines and connectors are embedded.
  • Because the electronics are attached and seprated freely, they can be defended from the physical pressures of laundering.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for E-Textile 

  • Introduction E-Textile
  • Benefits of E textile.
  • Properties of E textiles
  • Applications
  • Future prospects
  • Summary
  • Conclusion
  • References

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