Download Smart Fabrics Seminar PPT with PDF Report: Smart fabrics are ones which can modify/react automatically to their atmosphere. Smart fabrics (-or intelligent textiles) are being developed to be able to sense what is happening to the wearer or its immediate atmosphere. An example of this would be its capacity to know when the wearers heart rate spikes or drops unexpectedly, then being able to send such information to a paramedic of some description.

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Download Smart Fabrics PDF Report and PPT


  • For years the textile industry has been interknitting metallic yarns into fabrics for decorative purposes. The first friction fabric we traversed was silk organza which consists two types of fibers which are
  • Plain silk thread
  • Silk thread wrapped in thin copper foil


We have shown how to combine conventional sewing and electronics techniques with a novel class of materials to create interactive digital devices. All of the input appliance can be made by seamstresses or clothing factories, completely from fabric.

They also can fulfill to any suitable shape, which is a great interest over most existing, delicate touch sensors that must remain flat to work at all. Subsystems can be attached together using ordinary textile snaps and fasteners. Finally, most of what has been described can be hurling in the wash if soiled by coffee, food, or sand at the beach.

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Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Conditional Smart Fabrics

  • Introduction
  • What is a Smart fabric?
  • Gore-tex
  • Micro-encapsulated fibre/fabrics
  • Odour Eaters
  • Medical Materials
  • Implementation
  • Conclusion
  • References

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