DNA Computing Seminar and PPT with pdf report: DNA stands for Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid. It has many advantages like Perform millions of operations simultaneous, Generate a complete set of potential solutions, Conduct large parallel searches, Efficiently handle massive amounts of working memory, Cheap, clean, readily available materials, Amazing ability to store information.

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DNA Computing Seminar PPT with Pdf Report

There is a simple and elegant idea behind the DNA computing. In this type of computing, DNA is used for encoding information and implementing computational algorithms by the use of chemical and biological operations. The theory and applications of DNA computing are concerned with the development and research in this area. This process demands the use of the DNA, molecular biology and biochemistry hardware instead of the traditional technologies based on the silicon-based computers.
• Cracking of coded messages
• DNA fingerprinting

Disadvantages of DNA Computing
• Generating solution sets, even for some relatively simple problems, may require impractically large amounts of memory (lots and lots of DNA strands are required)
• DNA computers could not (at this point) replace traditional computers.
• They are not programmable and the average dunce cannot sit down at a familiar keyboard and get to work.

Methods for DNA Computing
There are many different methods for building a computer device having its own pros and cons. Have a look at the different bases stated below:
Toehold Exchange
The concept of toehold exchange is widely used for constructing the DNA computers. In this type of system, an input DNA strand gets binds to a sticky end on a different DNA molecule for allowing the DNA strand to displace a different strand segment from the molecule. The creation of modular logic components such as NOT, OR, and AND gates are allowed for linking it into the arbitrarily big computers.
It can be defined as the DNA molecules having catalytic property. While making contact with the oligonucleotides, the reaction gets catalyzed. In short, we can call the DNAzymes as the input system that can be used for creating the logic gates same as the silicon chips. The logic gates change their structure while making contact with the oligonucleotides. Some of the best DNAzymes for creating DNA logic gates are E6 and 8-17.
Stem Loop DNA
Stem-loop DNA can be defined as a single -stranded DNA having a loop at the end. It is a highly dynamic stranded DNA that closes when a DNA segment get attached to it.
DNA Tiles
A DNA tile is a method that uses DNA nanotechnology. It can be created by using the multiple sticky DNA segments.

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Advantages of DNA Computing
Have a look at the top advantages of the DNA Computing:
Parallel Processing
The DNA computers come with a great parallel processing capability. This feature has the potential to speed up those polynomial time problems that demand relatively less operations.
Performance Rate
The performance of DNA strands is allowed to increase exponentially by performing millions of operations simultaneously.
Great Ability
The DNA computers come with a greater ability to hold a tremendous amount of information by using very small space. The DNA molecules only need just a single one cubic nanometer for storing a single bit of information. This proves that the DNA computers have clearly greater advantages over the traditional computers.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for DNA Computing

  • Introduction
  • Need for DNA Computing
  • Limitations / Current Problems
  • Applications of DNA Computing
  • Advantages of DNA Computing
  • Disadvantages of DNA Computing
  • Why don’t we see DNA computers everywhere?
  • The Future!
  • Conclusion
  • Reference

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