Digital Rights Management(DRM) Seminar and PPT with pdf report: Digital rights management (DRM) is a kind of applied science with the aid of it we secure our digital content. There are many end users who approach and retrieve data, copy and change the digital content in other formats as one can make an exact copy of digital media thousand times. Digital rights management removes the usage power from the user in possession of digital content and the computer program will have total control. Few examples of the digital rights management are as follows:

  • A firm or industry outfits its servers to block the forwarding of sensitive e-mails.
  • An e-book server confines approach to the copying of material and printing of material based on compulsion set by the copyright holder of the content.
  • A movie studio adds software on its DVD’s that restricts the making of duplicate copies.
  • A music company releases titles on a CD that have the bits of data that are kept for confusing tiny wave software.

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DRM Seminar and PPT with PDF Report

Many consumers or buyers see the digital rights management ways with many restrictions of movie and music industries. The distribution of digital information over the internet through file sharing network has made the transcript law in practice. So, if someone downloads a movie or a song from the free file sharing network without buying the CD then it will be a loss to the music company and many movie industries get a loss of $5 billion per year due to illegal distribution of DVD.

So, all the companies are trying to regain the power of distribution by making it technically not possible for buyers or consumers to make digital copies. If we buy an e-book them we will be able to read it only in the particular e-reader and cannot even take a printout of it though we have paid for the book. All this is because the owner of the digital information does not allow it and this happens through an applied science called DRM. DRM is an anti-piracy technology.

Digital rights management is the well-availed term and the misused term of this generation, with the aid of DRM one, is permitted to avail the content according to the set of rules and it is used for many software products. DRM protects the copyrights holder real rights for the particular digital information. It also permits more safe content to the customers. The most controversial DRM is the Fair play and it is a DRM encryption made by Apple to stop the piracy of Apple’s iTunes.

DRM Tools:

People are genuinely feeling DRM as very restrictive and there are DRM tools to make it DRM free, the Aimersoft and Tune Bite are such DRM tools. If we like to remove DRM from iTunes then Tunes kit is the best choice for it, both the Mac and Windows version has the tunes kit. The Tunes kit in Mac only supports MP4 and in Windows, we can change the iTunes movies to many types like MP4, AVI, and WMV etc. 


The digital rights management has two architectures and they are functional architecture, information architecture. Both of them are as follows:

  1. Functional Architecture: The functional architecture can be explained in three ways and they are as follows:
  • Intellectual property asset creation and capture
  • Intellectual property asset management
  • Intellectual property asset usage
  1. Intellectual property asset creation and capture: It makes sure that information being created from the existing data that includes the rights to do so and this is called as rights validation. It permits rights to be assigned to new data like permitting usage permission and this is called as rights creation. Also, it permits the information to be processed through the steps of workflow and this is called as rights workflow.
  2. Intellectual property asset management: The intellectual property asset management supports the repository functions and trading functions.
  3. Intellectual property asset usage: The intellectual property asset usage supports the permission management and the tracking management.
  4. Information Architecture: The information architecture deals with the modeling of entities and their relationships in the digital rights management framework. The main problems that need the advancement of the digital rights management data model include:
  • The modeling of the entities
  • Identifying the entities and describing the entities
  • Expressing of the rights statement

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Advantages of digital rights management:

  • The digital rights management (DRM) includes an additional layer of security.
  • By availing DRM people can save their copyrighted work.

Disadvantages of digital rights management:

  • Unluckily, digital rights management offenses the customers.
  • The usage of the DRM might irritate or anger the customers and reduces the sales.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for DRM

  • Introduction
  • What is DRM
  • DRM Tools
  • Right management vs. Content management
  • Architecture
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Limitations
  • DRM Solution
  • Conclusion

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