Demolition of Building Seminar and PPT with pdf report: Well, every planned structure has a period of life and if that structure or building survives more than its service period then it is very hazardous to the buildings surrounding it. The building act normally has the supply which empowers the local authorities to control the works of demolition for the safety of the public, a notice is sent which have the conditions that need few undertaken works to succeed the objectives.

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Demolition of Building Seminar pdf Report and ppt

Normally, the building which is going to be demolished is less than 1750 cubic feet then it doesn’t need any permission for the demolition. Now, coming to the demolition then it is a process destroying a building after its life period with the aid of few tools or by using other methods. In the process of demolition, if the explosives are used then such a process is called as the implosion. Each and every structure of the civil engineering has a certain period of life and after that, it has to be demolished by following the safety measures, the distinct steps are involved in the process of demolition at the time of the process of demolition.

Steps Involved in Before the Demolition:

The distinct steps that are required before performing the process of demolition are as below:

  • Surveying
  • Removing the dangerous materials
  • Preparation of the plan
  • The report of stability
  • The necessary safety measures    
  1. Surveying: The surveying is the study of distinct parameters of the structure and also the surroundings of the structure. The surveying is of two types and they are as follows:
  • Building surveying
  • Structural surveying
  1. Building surveying: The building surveying includes the following parameters:
  • In includes the record of the drawings.
  • It also includes the survey of the construction materials, a presence of the waste water, dangerous materials, the potentially hazardous area, conditions of the drainage, issues of the water pollution, the facilities that are shared with the adjacent buildings, clear spaces and sensitivity of neighbor area to the noise and dust.
  • The building surveying also includes the details about the harmful materials.
  1. Structural surveying: The structural surveying includes the following parameters:
  • It includes the record of the drawings.
  • It also includes the survey of the items like the kind of structural materials used, construction method, condition of the adjacent structures, about the presence of prolonged structures, a presence of bracing.
  • It has the details about unique structures.
  • It also includes the investigation and testing.
  1. Removal of dangerous materials: The removal of the dangerous materials can be done in the following methods:
    • Asbestos containing material
    • Soil contamination material
  2. Preparation of the plan: The preparation of the plan explains about the following:
    • The preparation of the plan explains about the plan showing i.e. about the location of the structure.
    • It also explains about the layout plan of the complete floors of the structures.
    • The plan also explains about the structural arrangement and also about the step by step procedure of the demolition of a structure.
  3. The report of stability: The report of the stability includes the stability of the structure at every stage of demolition.
  4. Safety measures: The feature safety measures include the following parameters:
  • Training and communication
  • Need of the emergency exit
  • The necessary environmental precautions
  • The maintenance of the equipment
  • The electrical safety
  • The occupational health and
  • The fire

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Methods of Demolition: The methods of demolition are two types and they are as follows:

  • Non- explosive demolition
  • Explosive demolition
  1. Non-explosive demolition: The non-explosive demolition is done by availing few tools without the use of explosives and the tools used in this are as follows:
  • Sledgehammer
  • High reach excavator
  • Bulldozers
  • Wrecking balls
  • Excavators
  1. Explosive demolition: The important concept of explosive demolition is very simple and it is that we have to destroy the base then the total structure will be destroyed after it. The distinct ways of demolishing a structure are as follows:
  • Falling like a tree
  • Falling into its own footprint

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Demolition of Building

  • INTRODUCTION                                                                                               
  • DEMOLITION                                                                                             
  • STEPS BEFORE DEMOLITION                                                               
  • METHODS OF DEMOLITION                                                                    
  • CONCLUSION                                                                                      

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