Conflict Management Seminar and PPT with PDF Report: We have discussed here Characteristics of Conflict- Conflict is a Process,  Conflict is Inevitable,  Conflict is a Normal Part of Life,  Perception,  Opposition,  Interdependence and Interaction,  Everyone is inflicted with Conflict and  Conflict is not Unidimensional.

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Conflict Management Seminar  PDF Report and PPT

Views of Conflict

  • Traditional view: The belief that all conflicts are harmful and must be avoided
  • Human relations view: people thought that conflict is a natural and unavoidable outcome in any group
  • Integrationist view: The belief that conflict is not only a positive force in group but that it is totally necessary for a group to conduct forcefully.

Functional & Dysfunctional Conflict

  • Functional conflict: works toward the aims of a company or group.
  • Dysfunctional conflict: blocks an organization or group from reaching its goals.

Functional conflict

  • Constructive
  • Increase information & ideas
  • Encourages innovative thinking
  • Unshackles different points of view
  • Reduce stagnation

Dysfunctional Conflict

  • Tension, anxiety, stress
  • Drives out low conflict tolerant people
  • Reduce trust
  • Poor decision because of withheld or distorted
  • Reduce information

Types of Conflicts

  • Within and between organizations
  • Within and between groups
  • Within and between individuals

Group Conflict

     Intragroup conflict:

  • Conflict among members of a group
  • Early stages of group development
  • Ways of doing tasks or reaching group’s goals

Intergroup conflict

  • Between two or more groups

5 ways to Manage Conflict

  • Avoidance
  • Competition (A)
  • Accommodation (B)
  • Compromise (C)
  • Collaboration (D)

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Conflict Management

  • Introduction
  • Views of conflict
  • Characteristics of conflict
  • Source of conflict
  • Functional & dysfunctional conflict
  • Levels & types of conflict
  • Ways to manage conflict
  • Tips for managing conflict
  • Conclusion
  • References

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Conflict Management pdf Report Free Download

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