Bubble Power Seminar and PPT with PDf Report: The conventional fuel is getting empty at a very fast rate, one of the general methods of generating a large amount of energy is nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. In the process of nuclear fusion atomic nuclei are liquefied together and in the process of nuclear fission, the atoms are divided by the neutrons releasing a large amount of energy. The bubble power is a new energy source which brought a complete change in the field of fuels; it works on the principle of sonofusion and derived from a phenomenon called as sonoluminescence.

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Bubble Power Seminar PPT with PDF Report

Basic Requirements of Bubble Power:

The basic requirements of the bubble power are as follows:

  • Pyrex-flask
  • Vacuum pump
  • Piezoelectric crystal
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Photomultiplier
  • Neuron detector
  • Gamma ray detector
  • Neuron generator
  • Amplifier and
  • Wave generator

Applications of Bubble Power:

The applications of the bubble power are as follows:

  • The thermonuclear fusion provides a new, protected and environmentally friendly way to generate the electrical energy.
  • This applied science results in a better class of less cost, the compact detector for defending applications which avail neutrons to examine the contents of a bag or suitcase.
  • These are used in the machines for research which use neutrons to examine the molecular structure of materials.
  • This applied science or technology that generates the affordable synthetic material and generates tritium which is used for wide range of applications from medical imaging to the water dials.
  • It is a new mechanism for studying many phenomena in the cosmology.


When a gas bubble in a liquid material is provoked by ultrasonic acoustic waves then it releases small flashes of light of high temperatures inside the bubble. These releasing flashes of light are known as sonoluminescence and this happens as the bubble implodes. It exhibits that the chemical reactions happen at the time of imploding of a single or isolated bubble and this produces photons, radicals, and ions. From the above explanation it is clear that the gas bubble in a liquid material can change the sound energy into light.

The idea of sonofusion:

It is difficult to imagine that sound waves can be generated in the bubbles, the high temperatures and pressures are made by the lasers and magnetic fields which themselves reproduce the inside conditions of stars like our sun and there the fusion occurs perfectly. So, three years ago the scientist brought a strong proof and that process is known as the sonofusion. Hence, this is how the idea of sonofusion evolved.


The apparatus of a sonofusion is a cylindrical Pyrex glass flask 100mm height and 65mm in diameter, a lead zirconate-titanate ceramic piezoelectric crystal which is in the form of a ring and is attached to the outer surface of the flask. The attached piezoelectric ring plays the role of the loudspeakers in the experiment of the sonoluminescence, in spite of the fact that it produces strong pressure waves. The piezoelectric ring gets the contract with the application of positive voltage and expands to its real size when the voltage is removed.

The sonofusion works with the following actions:

  • Action of vacuum pump
  • Action of the wave generator
  • Action of neutron generator

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Advantages of Bubble Power:

The advantages of bubble power are as follows:

  • The bubble power is self-sustainable.
  • It can be easily controlled.
  • It generates more energy than its consumption.
  • This technology is affordable.
  • The raw materials of this technology are easily available.
  • It is an environmentally friendly technology

Challenges of Bubble Power:

There are two important challenges of bubble power and those are as follows:

  • The foremost challenge is for Rusi taleyarkhan’s result, to generate it independently.
  • The second challenge facing sonofusion will occur when the work is successfully reproduced.

With the enhancing growth of population and also with the economic growth of underdeveloped countries, the usage of electricity is rapidly increased. So, finding of the other sources of energy is equally important and the thermonuclear fusion swears to produce affordable and limitless energy.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Bubble Power

  • Introduction
  • Basic Requirements
  • Applications
  • Sonoluminence
  • The idea of   Sonofusion
  • Sonofusion
  • How Sonofusion Works
  • Future Development
  • Advantages
  • Challenges
  • Conclusion
  • References

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