Bio-Battery Seminar and PPT with PDF Report: In simple words, a bio-battery can be defined as a device in which electric energy is produced by converting the substrate material. This operation is performed by using many different types of biochemical or biological agents like micro-organisms or enzymes. The protons and electrons are released by breaking down the substrate in the presence of these agents. This way the electricity is generated by continuous circulation of the protons and electrons within the battery.

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Bio Battery Seminar PPT with pdf reportBio-Battery Seminar PPT with PDF Report

Why is a bio-battery needed?
A battery is defined as a device which is used for converting the chemical energy into electrical energy in the electrical field. There are several types of batteries used in the different electronic and electrical devices. But, these batteries come with certain chemicals including compounds of mercury and lead having the highly toxic nature. Apart from that, the batteries having chemicals are prone to leakages and explosions.
Using bio-batteries eliminates this problem because they have a greater potential for using instead of the chemical batteries.

Advantages of a Bio-battery
Have a look at the top advantages of using a bio-battery:
1. Bio-battery charges at a much faster rate as compared to the other types of batteries because of the fast action of the enzymes. Due to the lack of this process, the chemical batteries can be charged at this rate.
2. This type of batteries always keep them charge with the continuous supply of sugar or glucose and they don’t need any external power supply.
3. These batteries come with a high energy density and can use at the room temperature easily.
4. It can be used as a clean alternative renewable source of power because they are sources of non-flammable and non-toxic fuel. These batteries are completely renewable, non-polluting and environmentally friendly.
5. These batteries are safer to use and don’t cause any explosions and leakages as in the case of the chemical batteries.

Disadvantages of Bio-battery:
Although it looks perfect, but still the bio-battery has some disadvantages stated below:
1. The bio-battery retains less energy as compared to the conventional batteries such as lithium based batteries.
2. They are not a good choice for the long term use and storage.

Applications of a bio-battery:
There are many applications of a bio-battery and some of them are stated below:
1. They can be used in the medical implants such as insulin pumps, pacemakers, and many others.
2. A bio-battery can work as a portage charger for devices such as cell phones, power banks, etc.
3. These batteries are perfect to use on the greeting cards and toys.
4. They are extensively used as the generators and remote power in the disaster relief works.
5. These batteries are also used in the defense field for the purposes of the spying devices, remote sensing, and surveillance.

Future Scope
Bio-batteries have a very bright future ahead of them as test productions and research has been increasing over recent years. They serve as a new form of energy that is proving to be environmentally friendly, as well as successful, in producing and preserving energy.
Fully-integrated demonstrations are to be executed in close collaboration with the customer, for relevant applications.

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Fully-integrated Bio-Battery charging prototypes are already developed. Funding secured from multiple Department of Defense (DOD) agencies for multiple target applications over the next 3-5 years. The bio-batteries are environmentally friendly as they did not use harmful chemicals or metals.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Bio-Battery

  • Introduction
  • What is Bio-Battery
  • History
  • Working of Bio-Battery
  • Need of Bio-Battery
  • Types of Bio-Battery
  • Future Scope
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Applications
  • Conclusion

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